Detailed Description


When a player message is sent over a network, the message is formatted according to XDR (eXternal Data Representation), a standard for the description and encoding of data that is independent of the wordsize, byte-order or other details of any particular architecture. XDR specifies a set of types (e.g., int, float, char) and encodings for them. See the XDR RFC ( for details.

libplayerxdr is a C library that provides functions for translating between player C message structs and their XDR representations. Using other terminology, libplayerxdr is a marshalling/demarshalling library. By using libplayerxdr, application writers can avoid the inevitable bugs and annoyances of writing their own (de)marshalling code. Furthermore, because libplayerxdr is automatically generated from player.h, the (de)marshalling code in libplayerxdr is less likely to get out of sync with respect to the message structures than is manually-maintained code. The program that parses player.h can also be used to parse other header files, for example to generate XDR (de)marshalling code for user-defined messages. See below for usage.


Each player message is defined as a C struct in player.h. For each struct player_foo, libplayerxdr defines a single function of the following name and form:
   int player_foo_pack(void* buf, size_t buflen, player_foo_t* msg, int op);

buf The XDR-encoded buffer that is being encoded / decoded.
buflen Size of buf, in bytes.
msg Pointer to the C struct that is being encoded / decoded.
On success, the length of the XDR-encoded buffer, and -1 otherwise (e.g., the buffer was not large enough).
This function will either pack (encode to XDR) or unpack (decode from XDR), depending on the last argument.

Encoding a message

When encoding a message, the caller is responsible for allocating enough space to buf to hold the XDR-encoded format of the message. The XDR-encoded message will be, at most, 4 times larger than the original struct, so it is sufficient to allocate a buffer that is 4 times the sizeof of the struct.

For example, if you have a message msg of type struct player_foo that you want to encode, you might do something like this:

char* xdrbuf;
int buflen;

// Allocate space for the encoded message.  XDR will inflate a structure
// by at most 4 times.
buflen = sizeof(struct player_foo) * 4;
xdrbuf = (char*)calloc(1, buflen);

// Encode the message
if((buflen = player_foo_pack(xdrbuf, buflen, &msg, PLAYERXDR_ENCODE)) < 0)
  // Packing failed, probably because you didn't allocate
  // enough space to xdrbuf.
  // Packing succeeded; you might now, for example, write() xdrbuf onto a
  // socket.  The actual length of the encoded buffer is buflen.

Decoding a message

If you have received from the network a message xdrbuf, of length buflen, and you know it to be of type player_foo, you can decode it like so:
struct player_foo msg;

// Decode the message
if((buflen = player_foo_pack(xdrbuf, buflen, &msg, PLAYERXDR_DECODE)) < 0)
  // Unpacking failed, probably because the message wasn't long enough
  // Unpacking succeeded; you can now read the data from msg.


The following primitive types are defined by XDR, and can be used in player messages. For each XDR type, some corresponding C types are given, along with the size of the type when XDR-encoded.

Nested structures are supported. Each field, whether it is a structure or a primitive type, is encoded in the order that it is declared in the structure definition.

Pointers are NOT supported. To be XDR-encoded, a message structure must contain all its data. An exception (of sorts) is the encoding of arrays, described next.


One-dimensional arrays are supported. An array may contain either a primitive type, or a structure. Multi-dimensional arrays are not supported.

An array may either be fixed-length or variable-length. To declare a variable-length array named bar, the message structure must also contain an unsigned integer (uint32_t) field named bar_count. This field will contain the actual element count of the array when encoding and decoding. If there is no bar_count field, then the array bar will be encoded fixed-length.

Before encoding a structure with a variable-length array, you must fill in the corresponding _count field; that's the only way for the packing function to know how much of the array you're actually using.

In either case, the array must be declared in the message structure to occupy its maximum length. For example, the player_bumper_data structure contains a variable-length array of bumper values that can hold at most 32 such values:

#define PLAYER_BUMPER_MAX_SAMPLES ((uint8_t)32)
typedef struct player_bumper_data
  uint32_t bumpers_count;
  uint8_t bumpers[PLAYER_BUMPER_MAX_SAMPLES];
} player_bumper_data_t;
Three examples of fixed-length arrays can be seen in the player_fiducial_geom structure:
typedef struct player_fiducial_geom
  float pose[3];
  float size[2];  
  float fiducial_size[2];
} player_fiducial_geom_t;
In this structure, each array will always be its maximum length, so there is nothing to be gained by allowing for them to vary.

Character arrays (strings)

According to the XDR specification, arrays of characters (e.g., char foo[8]) should be encoded as a sequence of XDR-encoded characters, each occupying 4 bytes. We use a small optimization here: arrays of the following types:

are encoded as opaque XDR "byte arrays", using xdr_bytes(). The encoding uses just one byte per character.

Parsing user-defined messages

The functions in libplayerxdr are automatically generated by a Python script that parses player.h. This script can also be used to parse a header containing user-defined messages. The script,, can be used like so: foo.h foopack.c foopack.h
This command will parse the header foo.h and define in foopack.c functions that (de)marshall all the structures found in foo.h. Prototypes for these functions will be written into foopack.h. You could then compile foopack.c into libfoopack.a; any application needing to encode or decode the messages defined in foo.h would include <foopack.h> and link to libfoopack.a.

This usage of is currently experimental.

Make the interface code/string table dynamic, so that new interfaces can be added at runtime

#define XDR_ENCODE   0
#define XDR_DECODE   1
int xdr_player_devaddr_t (XDR *xdrs, player_devaddr_t *msg)
int player_devaddr_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_devaddr_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_msghdr_t (XDR *xdrs, player_msghdr_t *msg)
int player_msghdr_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_msghdr_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_point_2d_t (XDR *xdrs, player_point_2d_t *msg)
int player_point_2d_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_point_2d_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_point_3d_t (XDR *xdrs, player_point_3d_t *msg)
int player_point_3d_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_point_3d_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_pose_t (XDR *xdrs, player_pose_t *msg)
int player_pose_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_pose_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_pose3d_t (XDR *xdrs, player_pose3d_t *msg)
int player_pose3d_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_pose3d_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_bbox_t (XDR *xdrs, player_bbox_t *msg)
int player_bbox_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_bbox_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_bbox3d_t (XDR *xdrs, player_bbox3d_t *msg)
int player_bbox3d_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_bbox3d_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_segment_t (XDR *xdrs, player_segment_t *msg)
int player_segment_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_segment_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_color_t (XDR *xdrs, player_color_t *msg)
int player_color_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_color_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_bool_t (XDR *xdrs, player_bool_t *msg)
int player_bool_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_bool_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_actarray_actuator_t (XDR *xdrs, player_actarray_actuator_t *msg)
int player_actarray_actuator_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_actarray_actuator_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_actarray_data_t (XDR *xdrs, player_actarray_data_t *msg)
int player_actarray_data_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_actarray_data_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_actarray_actuatorgeom_t (XDR *xdrs, player_actarray_actuatorgeom_t *msg)
int player_actarray_actuatorgeom_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_actarray_actuatorgeom_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_actarray_geom_t (XDR *xdrs, player_actarray_geom_t *msg)
int player_actarray_geom_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_actarray_geom_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_actarray_position_cmd_t (XDR *xdrs, player_actarray_position_cmd_t *msg)
int player_actarray_position_cmd_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_actarray_position_cmd_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_actarray_speed_cmd_t (XDR *xdrs, player_actarray_speed_cmd_t *msg)
int player_actarray_speed_cmd_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_actarray_speed_cmd_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_actarray_home_cmd_t (XDR *xdrs, player_actarray_home_cmd_t *msg)
int player_actarray_home_cmd_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_actarray_home_cmd_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_actarray_power_config_t (XDR *xdrs, player_actarray_power_config_t *msg)
int player_actarray_power_config_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_actarray_power_config_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_actarray_brakes_config_t (XDR *xdrs, player_actarray_brakes_config_t *msg)
int player_actarray_brakes_config_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_actarray_brakes_config_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_actarray_speed_config_t (XDR *xdrs, player_actarray_speed_config_t *msg)
int player_actarray_speed_config_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_actarray_speed_config_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_aio_data_t (XDR *xdrs, player_aio_data_t *msg)
int player_aio_data_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_aio_data_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_aio_cmd_t (XDR *xdrs, player_aio_cmd_t *msg)
int player_aio_cmd_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_aio_cmd_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_audio_data_t (XDR *xdrs, player_audio_data_t *msg)
int player_audio_data_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_audio_data_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_audio_cmd_t (XDR *xdrs, player_audio_cmd_t *msg)
int player_audio_cmd_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_audio_cmd_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_audiodsp_data_t (XDR *xdrs, player_audiodsp_data_t *msg)
int player_audiodsp_data_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_audiodsp_data_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_audiodsp_cmd_t (XDR *xdrs, player_audiodsp_cmd_t *msg)
int player_audiodsp_cmd_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_audiodsp_cmd_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_audiodsp_config_t (XDR *xdrs, player_audiodsp_config_t *msg)
int player_audiodsp_config_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_audiodsp_config_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_audiomixer_cmd_t (XDR *xdrs, player_audiomixer_cmd_t *msg)
int player_audiomixer_cmd_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_audiomixer_cmd_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_audiomixer_config_t (XDR *xdrs, player_audiomixer_config_t *msg)
int player_audiomixer_config_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_audiomixer_config_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_blinkenlight_data_t (XDR *xdrs, player_blinkenlight_data_t *msg)
int player_blinkenlight_data_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_blinkenlight_data_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_blinkenlight_cmd_t (XDR *xdrs, player_blinkenlight_cmd_t *msg)
int player_blinkenlight_cmd_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_blinkenlight_cmd_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_blinkenlight_cmd_power_t (XDR *xdrs, player_blinkenlight_cmd_power_t *msg)
int player_blinkenlight_cmd_power_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_blinkenlight_cmd_power_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_blinkenlight_cmd_color_t (XDR *xdrs, player_blinkenlight_cmd_color_t *msg)
int player_blinkenlight_cmd_color_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_blinkenlight_cmd_color_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_blinkenlight_cmd_period_t (XDR *xdrs, player_blinkenlight_cmd_period_t *msg)
int player_blinkenlight_cmd_period_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_blinkenlight_cmd_period_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_blinkenlight_cmd_dutycycle_t (XDR *xdrs, player_blinkenlight_cmd_dutycycle_t *msg)
int player_blinkenlight_cmd_dutycycle_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_blinkenlight_cmd_dutycycle_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_blobfinder_blob_t (XDR *xdrs, player_blobfinder_blob_t *msg)
int player_blobfinder_blob_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_blobfinder_blob_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_blobfinder_data_t (XDR *xdrs, player_blobfinder_data_t *msg)
int player_blobfinder_data_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_blobfinder_data_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_blobfinder_color_config_t (XDR *xdrs, player_blobfinder_color_config_t *msg)
int player_blobfinder_color_config_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_blobfinder_color_config_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_blobfinder_imager_config_t (XDR *xdrs, player_blobfinder_imager_config_t *msg)
int player_blobfinder_imager_config_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_blobfinder_imager_config_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_bumper_data_t (XDR *xdrs, player_bumper_data_t *msg)
int player_bumper_data_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_bumper_data_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_bumper_define_t (XDR *xdrs, player_bumper_define_t *msg)
int player_bumper_define_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_bumper_define_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_bumper_geom_t (XDR *xdrs, player_bumper_geom_t *msg)
int player_bumper_geom_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_bumper_geom_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_camera_data_t (XDR *xdrs, player_camera_data_t *msg)
int player_camera_data_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_camera_data_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_dio_data_t (XDR *xdrs, player_dio_data_t *msg)
int player_dio_data_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_dio_data_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_dio_cmd_t (XDR *xdrs, player_dio_cmd_t *msg)
int player_dio_cmd_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_dio_cmd_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_energy_data_t (XDR *xdrs, player_energy_data_t *msg)
int player_energy_data_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_energy_data_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_energy_chargepolicy_config_t (XDR *xdrs, player_energy_chargepolicy_config_t *msg)
int player_energy_chargepolicy_config_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_energy_chargepolicy_config_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_fiducial_item_t (XDR *xdrs, player_fiducial_item_t *msg)
int player_fiducial_item_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_fiducial_item_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_fiducial_data_t (XDR *xdrs, player_fiducial_data_t *msg)
int player_fiducial_data_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_fiducial_data_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_fiducial_geom_t (XDR *xdrs, player_fiducial_geom_t *msg)
int player_fiducial_geom_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_fiducial_geom_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_fiducial_fov_t (XDR *xdrs, player_fiducial_fov_t *msg)
int player_fiducial_fov_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_fiducial_fov_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_fiducial_id_t (XDR *xdrs, player_fiducial_id_t *msg)
int player_fiducial_id_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_fiducial_id_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_gps_data_t (XDR *xdrs, player_gps_data_t *msg)
int player_gps_data_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_gps_data_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_graphics2d_cmd_points_t (XDR *xdrs, player_graphics2d_cmd_points_t *msg)
int player_graphics2d_cmd_points_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_graphics2d_cmd_points_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_graphics2d_cmd_polyline_t (XDR *xdrs, player_graphics2d_cmd_polyline_t *msg)
int player_graphics2d_cmd_polyline_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_graphics2d_cmd_polyline_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_graphics2d_cmd_polygon_t (XDR *xdrs, player_graphics2d_cmd_polygon_t *msg)
int player_graphics2d_cmd_polygon_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_graphics2d_cmd_polygon_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_graphics3d_cmd_draw_t (XDR *xdrs, player_graphics3d_cmd_draw_t *msg)
int player_graphics3d_cmd_draw_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_graphics3d_cmd_draw_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_gripper_data_t (XDR *xdrs, player_gripper_data_t *msg)
int player_gripper_data_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_gripper_data_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_gripper_cmd_t (XDR *xdrs, player_gripper_cmd_t *msg)
int player_gripper_cmd_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_gripper_cmd_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_gripper_geom_t (XDR *xdrs, player_gripper_geom_t *msg)
int player_gripper_geom_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_gripper_geom_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_ir_data_t (XDR *xdrs, player_ir_data_t *msg)
int player_ir_data_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_ir_data_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_ir_pose_t (XDR *xdrs, player_ir_pose_t *msg)
int player_ir_pose_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_ir_pose_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_ir_power_req_t (XDR *xdrs, player_ir_power_req_t *msg)
int player_ir_power_req_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_ir_power_req_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_joystick_data_t (XDR *xdrs, player_joystick_data_t *msg)
int player_joystick_data_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_joystick_data_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_laser_data_t (XDR *xdrs, player_laser_data_t *msg)
int player_laser_data_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_laser_data_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_laser_data_scanpose_t (XDR *xdrs, player_laser_data_scanpose_t *msg)
int player_laser_data_scanpose_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_laser_data_scanpose_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_laser_geom_t (XDR *xdrs, player_laser_geom_t *msg)
int player_laser_geom_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_laser_geom_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_laser_config_t (XDR *xdrs, player_laser_config_t *msg)
int player_laser_config_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_laser_config_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_laser_power_config_t (XDR *xdrs, player_laser_power_config_t *msg)
int player_laser_power_config_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_laser_power_config_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_limb_data_t (XDR *xdrs, player_limb_data_t *msg)
int player_limb_data_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_limb_data_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_limb_home_cmd_t (XDR *xdrs, player_limb_home_cmd_t *msg)
int player_limb_home_cmd_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_limb_home_cmd_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_limb_stop_cmd_t (XDR *xdrs, player_limb_stop_cmd_t *msg)
int player_limb_stop_cmd_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_limb_stop_cmd_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_limb_setpose_cmd_t (XDR *xdrs, player_limb_setpose_cmd_t *msg)
int player_limb_setpose_cmd_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_limb_setpose_cmd_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_limb_setposition_cmd_t (XDR *xdrs, player_limb_setposition_cmd_t *msg)
int player_limb_setposition_cmd_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_limb_setposition_cmd_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_limb_vecmove_cmd_t (XDR *xdrs, player_limb_vecmove_cmd_t *msg)
int player_limb_vecmove_cmd_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_limb_vecmove_cmd_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_limb_power_req_t (XDR *xdrs, player_limb_power_req_t *msg)
int player_limb_power_req_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_limb_power_req_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_limb_brakes_req_t (XDR *xdrs, player_limb_brakes_req_t *msg)
int player_limb_brakes_req_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_limb_brakes_req_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_limb_geom_req_t (XDR *xdrs, player_limb_geom_req_t *msg)
int player_limb_geom_req_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_limb_geom_req_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_limb_speed_req_t (XDR *xdrs, player_limb_speed_req_t *msg)
int player_limb_speed_req_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_limb_speed_req_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_localize_hypoth_t (XDR *xdrs, player_localize_hypoth_t *msg)
int player_localize_hypoth_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_localize_hypoth_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_localize_data_t (XDR *xdrs, player_localize_data_t *msg)
int player_localize_data_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_localize_data_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_localize_set_pose_t (XDR *xdrs, player_localize_set_pose_t *msg)
int player_localize_set_pose_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_localize_set_pose_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_localize_particle_t (XDR *xdrs, player_localize_particle_t *msg)
int player_localize_particle_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_localize_particle_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_localize_get_particles_t (XDR *xdrs, player_localize_get_particles_t *msg)
int player_localize_get_particles_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_localize_get_particles_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_log_set_write_state_t (XDR *xdrs, player_log_set_write_state_t *msg)
int player_log_set_write_state_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_log_set_write_state_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_log_set_read_state_t (XDR *xdrs, player_log_set_read_state_t *msg)
int player_log_set_read_state_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_log_set_read_state_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_log_set_read_rewind_t (XDR *xdrs, player_log_set_read_rewind_t *msg)
int player_log_set_read_rewind_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_log_set_read_rewind_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_log_get_state_t (XDR *xdrs, player_log_get_state_t *msg)
int player_log_get_state_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_log_get_state_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_log_set_filename_t (XDR *xdrs, player_log_set_filename_t *msg)
int player_log_set_filename_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_log_set_filename_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_map_info_t (XDR *xdrs, player_map_info_t *msg)
int player_map_info_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_map_info_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_map_data_t (XDR *xdrs, player_map_data_t *msg)
int player_map_data_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_map_data_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_map_data_vector_t (XDR *xdrs, player_map_data_vector_t *msg)
int player_map_data_vector_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_map_data_vector_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_mcom_data_t (XDR *xdrs, player_mcom_data_t *msg)
int player_mcom_data_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_mcom_data_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_mcom_config_t (XDR *xdrs, player_mcom_config_t *msg)
int player_mcom_config_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_mcom_config_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_mcom_return_t (XDR *xdrs, player_mcom_return_t *msg)
int player_mcom_return_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_mcom_return_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_opaque_data_t (XDR *xdrs, player_opaque_data_t *msg)
int player_opaque_data_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_opaque_data_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_planner_data_t (XDR *xdrs, player_planner_data_t *msg)
int player_planner_data_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_planner_data_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_planner_cmd_t (XDR *xdrs, player_planner_cmd_t *msg)
int player_planner_cmd_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_planner_cmd_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_planner_waypoints_req_t (XDR *xdrs, player_planner_waypoints_req_t *msg)
int player_planner_waypoints_req_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_planner_waypoints_req_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_planner_enable_req_t (XDR *xdrs, player_planner_enable_req_t *msg)
int player_planner_enable_req_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_planner_enable_req_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_device_devlist_t (XDR *xdrs, player_device_devlist_t *msg)
int player_device_devlist_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_device_devlist_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_device_driverinfo_t (XDR *xdrs, player_device_driverinfo_t *msg)
int player_device_driverinfo_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_device_driverinfo_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_device_req_t (XDR *xdrs, player_device_req_t *msg)
int player_device_req_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_device_req_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_device_data_req_t (XDR *xdrs, player_device_data_req_t *msg)
int player_device_data_req_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_device_data_req_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_device_datamode_req_t (XDR *xdrs, player_device_datamode_req_t *msg)
int player_device_datamode_req_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_device_datamode_req_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_device_auth_req_t (XDR *xdrs, player_device_auth_req_t *msg)
int player_device_auth_req_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_device_auth_req_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_device_nameservice_req_t (XDR *xdrs, player_device_nameservice_req_t *msg)
int player_device_nameservice_req_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_device_nameservice_req_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_add_replace_rule_req_t (XDR *xdrs, player_add_replace_rule_req_t *msg)
int player_add_replace_rule_req_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_add_replace_rule_req_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_position1d_data_t (XDR *xdrs, player_position1d_data_t *msg)
int player_position1d_data_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_position1d_data_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_position1d_cmd_vel_t (XDR *xdrs, player_position1d_cmd_vel_t *msg)
int player_position1d_cmd_vel_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_position1d_cmd_vel_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_position1d_cmd_pos_t (XDR *xdrs, player_position1d_cmd_pos_t *msg)
int player_position1d_cmd_pos_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_position1d_cmd_pos_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_position1d_geom_t (XDR *xdrs, player_position1d_geom_t *msg)
int player_position1d_geom_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_position1d_geom_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_position1d_power_config_t (XDR *xdrs, player_position1d_power_config_t *msg)
int player_position1d_power_config_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_position1d_power_config_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_position1d_velocity_mode_config_t (XDR *xdrs, player_position1d_velocity_mode_config_t *msg)
int player_position1d_velocity_mode_config_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_position1d_velocity_mode_config_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_position1d_reset_odom_config_t (XDR *xdrs, player_position1d_reset_odom_config_t *msg)
int player_position1d_reset_odom_config_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_position1d_reset_odom_config_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_position1d_position_mode_req_t (XDR *xdrs, player_position1d_position_mode_req_t *msg)
int player_position1d_position_mode_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_position1d_position_mode_req_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_position1d_set_odom_req_t (XDR *xdrs, player_position1d_set_odom_req_t *msg)
int player_position1d_set_odom_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_position1d_set_odom_req_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_position1d_speed_pid_req_t (XDR *xdrs, player_position1d_speed_pid_req_t *msg)
int player_position1d_speed_pid_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_position1d_speed_pid_req_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_position1d_position_pid_req_t (XDR *xdrs, player_position1d_position_pid_req_t *msg)
int player_position1d_position_pid_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_position1d_position_pid_req_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_position1d_speed_prof_req_t (XDR *xdrs, player_position1d_speed_prof_req_t *msg)
int player_position1d_speed_prof_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_position1d_speed_prof_req_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_position2d_data_t (XDR *xdrs, player_position2d_data_t *msg)
int player_position2d_data_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_position2d_data_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_position2d_cmd_vel_t (XDR *xdrs, player_position2d_cmd_vel_t *msg)
int player_position2d_cmd_vel_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_position2d_cmd_vel_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_position2d_cmd_pos_t (XDR *xdrs, player_position2d_cmd_pos_t *msg)
int player_position2d_cmd_pos_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_position2d_cmd_pos_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_position2d_cmd_car_t (XDR *xdrs, player_position2d_cmd_car_t *msg)
int player_position2d_cmd_car_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_position2d_cmd_car_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_position2d_cmd_vel_head_t (XDR *xdrs, player_position2d_cmd_vel_head_t *msg)
int player_position2d_cmd_vel_head_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_position2d_cmd_vel_head_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_position2d_geom_t (XDR *xdrs, player_position2d_geom_t *msg)
int player_position2d_geom_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_position2d_geom_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_position2d_power_config_t (XDR *xdrs, player_position2d_power_config_t *msg)
int player_position2d_power_config_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_position2d_power_config_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_position2d_velocity_mode_config_t (XDR *xdrs, player_position2d_velocity_mode_config_t *msg)
int player_position2d_velocity_mode_config_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_position2d_velocity_mode_config_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_position2d_reset_odom_config_t (XDR *xdrs, player_position2d_reset_odom_config_t *msg)
int player_position2d_reset_odom_config_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_position2d_reset_odom_config_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_position2d_position_mode_req_t (XDR *xdrs, player_position2d_position_mode_req_t *msg)
int player_position2d_position_mode_req_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_position2d_position_mode_req_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_position2d_set_odom_req_t (XDR *xdrs, player_position2d_set_odom_req_t *msg)
int player_position2d_set_odom_req_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_position2d_set_odom_req_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_position2d_speed_pid_req_t (XDR *xdrs, player_position2d_speed_pid_req_t *msg)
int player_position2d_speed_pid_req_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_position2d_speed_pid_req_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_position2d_position_pid_req_t (XDR *xdrs, player_position2d_position_pid_req_t *msg)
int player_position2d_position_pid_req_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_position2d_position_pid_req_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_position2d_speed_prof_req_t (XDR *xdrs, player_position2d_speed_prof_req_t *msg)
int player_position2d_speed_prof_req_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_position2d_speed_prof_req_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_position3d_data_t (XDR *xdrs, player_position3d_data_t *msg)
int player_position3d_data_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_position3d_data_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_position3d_cmd_pos_t (XDR *xdrs, player_position3d_cmd_pos_t *msg)
int player_position3d_cmd_pos_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_position3d_cmd_pos_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_position3d_cmd_vel_t (XDR *xdrs, player_position3d_cmd_vel_t *msg)
int player_position3d_cmd_vel_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_position3d_cmd_vel_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_position3d_geom_t (XDR *xdrs, player_position3d_geom_t *msg)
int player_position3d_geom_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_position3d_geom_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_position3d_power_config_t (XDR *xdrs, player_position3d_power_config_t *msg)
int player_position3d_power_config_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_position3d_power_config_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_position3d_position_mode_req_t (XDR *xdrs, player_position3d_position_mode_req_t *msg)
int player_position3d_position_mode_req_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_position3d_position_mode_req_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_position3d_velocity_mode_config_t (XDR *xdrs, player_position3d_velocity_mode_config_t *msg)
int player_position3d_velocity_mode_config_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_position3d_velocity_mode_config_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_position3d_set_odom_req_t (XDR *xdrs, player_position3d_set_odom_req_t *msg)
int player_position3d_set_odom_req_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_position3d_set_odom_req_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_position3d_reset_odom_config_t (XDR *xdrs, player_position3d_reset_odom_config_t *msg)
int player_position3d_reset_odom_config_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_position3d_reset_odom_config_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_position3d_speed_pid_req_t (XDR *xdrs, player_position3d_speed_pid_req_t *msg)
int player_position3d_speed_pid_req_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_position3d_speed_pid_req_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_position3d_position_pid_req_t (XDR *xdrs, player_position3d_position_pid_req_t *msg)
int player_position3d_position_pid_req_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_position3d_position_pid_req_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_position3d_speed_prof_req_t (XDR *xdrs, player_position3d_speed_prof_req_t *msg)
int player_position3d_speed_prof_req_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_position3d_speed_prof_req_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_power_data_t (XDR *xdrs, player_power_data_t *msg)
int player_power_data_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_power_data_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_power_chargepolicy_config_t (XDR *xdrs, player_power_chargepolicy_config_t *msg)
int player_power_chargepolicy_config_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_power_chargepolicy_config_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_ptz_data_t (XDR *xdrs, player_ptz_data_t *msg)
int player_ptz_data_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_ptz_data_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_ptz_cmd_t (XDR *xdrs, player_ptz_cmd_t *msg)
int player_ptz_cmd_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_ptz_cmd_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_ptz_geom_t (XDR *xdrs, player_ptz_geom_t *msg)
int player_ptz_geom_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_ptz_geom_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_ptz_req_generic_t (XDR *xdrs, player_ptz_req_generic_t *msg)
int player_ptz_req_generic_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_ptz_req_generic_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_ptz_req_control_mode_t (XDR *xdrs, player_ptz_req_control_mode_t *msg)
int player_ptz_req_control_mode_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_ptz_req_control_mode_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_simulation_data_t (XDR *xdrs, player_simulation_data_t *msg)
int player_simulation_data_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_simulation_data_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_simulation_cmd_t (XDR *xdrs, player_simulation_cmd_t *msg)
int player_simulation_cmd_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_simulation_cmd_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_simulation_pose2d_req_t (XDR *xdrs, player_simulation_pose2d_req_t *msg)
int player_simulation_pose2d_req_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_simulation_pose2d_req_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_simulation_property_int_req_t (XDR *xdrs, player_simulation_property_int_req_t *msg)
int player_simulation_property_int_req_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_simulation_property_int_req_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_simulation_property_float_req_t (XDR *xdrs, player_simulation_property_float_req_t *msg)
int player_simulation_property_float_req_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_simulation_property_float_req_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_simulation_property_string_req_t (XDR *xdrs, player_simulation_property_string_req_t *msg)
int player_simulation_property_string_req_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_simulation_property_string_req_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_sonar_data_t (XDR *xdrs, player_sonar_data_t *msg)
int player_sonar_data_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_sonar_data_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_sonar_geom_t (XDR *xdrs, player_sonar_geom_t *msg)
int player_sonar_geom_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_sonar_geom_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_sonar_power_config_t (XDR *xdrs, player_sonar_power_config_t *msg)
int player_sonar_power_config_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_sonar_power_config_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_sound_cmd_t (XDR *xdrs, player_sound_cmd_t *msg)
int player_sound_cmd_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_sound_cmd_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_speech_cmd_t (XDR *xdrs, player_speech_cmd_t *msg)
int player_speech_cmd_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_speech_cmd_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_speech_recognition_data_t (XDR *xdrs, player_speech_recognition_data_t *msg)
int player_speech_recognition_data_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_speech_recognition_data_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_truth_pose_t (XDR *xdrs, player_truth_pose_t *msg)
int player_truth_pose_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_truth_pose_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_truth_fiducial_id_t (XDR *xdrs, player_truth_fiducial_id_t *msg)
int player_truth_fiducial_id_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_truth_fiducial_id_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_waveform_data_t (XDR *xdrs, player_waveform_data_t *msg)
int player_waveform_data_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_waveform_data_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_wifi_link_t (XDR *xdrs, player_wifi_link_t *msg)
int player_wifi_link_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_wifi_link_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_wifi_data_t (XDR *xdrs, player_wifi_data_t *msg)
int player_wifi_data_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_wifi_data_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_wifi_mac_req_t (XDR *xdrs, player_wifi_mac_req_t *msg)
int player_wifi_mac_req_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_wifi_mac_req_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_wifi_iwspy_addr_req_t (XDR *xdrs, player_wifi_iwspy_addr_req_t *msg)
int player_wifi_iwspy_addr_req_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_wifi_iwspy_addr_req_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_rfid_tag_t (XDR *xdrs, player_rfid_tag_t *msg)
int player_rfid_tag_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_rfid_tag_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_rfid_data_t (XDR *xdrs, player_rfid_data_t *msg)
int player_rfid_data_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_rfid_data_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_rfid_cmd_t (XDR *xdrs, player_rfid_cmd_t *msg)
int player_rfid_cmd_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_rfid_cmd_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_wsn_node_data_t (XDR *xdrs, player_wsn_node_data_t *msg)
int player_wsn_node_data_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_wsn_node_data_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_wsn_data_t (XDR *xdrs, player_wsn_data_t *msg)
int player_wsn_data_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_wsn_data_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_wsn_cmd_t (XDR *xdrs, player_wsn_cmd_t *msg)
int player_wsn_cmd_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_wsn_cmd_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_wsn_power_config_t (XDR *xdrs, player_wsn_power_config_t *msg)
int player_wsn_power_config_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_wsn_power_config_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_wsn_datatype_config_t (XDR *xdrs, player_wsn_datatype_config_t *msg)
int player_wsn_datatype_config_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_wsn_datatype_config_t *msg, int op)
int xdr_player_wsn_datafreq_config_t (XDR *xdrs, player_wsn_datafreq_config_t *msg)
int player_wsn_datafreq_config_pack (void *buf, size_t buflen, player_wsn_datafreq_config_t *msg, int op)

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