[Interface specifications]

Detailed Description

An array of bumpers.

The bumper interface returns data from a bumper array. This interface accepts no commands.

 Maximum number of bumper samples.
 Request/reply subtype: get geometry.
 Data subtype: state.
 Data subtype: geometry.
typedef player_bumper_data player_bumper_data_t
typedef player_bumper_define player_bumper_define_t
 The geometry of a single bumper.
typedef player_bumper_geom player_bumper_geom_t
 Data AND Request/reply: bumper geometry.

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct player_bumper_data player_bumper_data_t


The bumper interface gives current bumper state

typedef struct player_bumper_geom player_bumper_geom_t

Data AND Request/reply: bumper geometry.

To query the geometry of a bumper array, send a null PLAYER_BUMPER_GET_GEOM request. The response will be in this form. This message may also be sent as data with the subtype PLAYER_BUMPER_DATA_GEOM (e.g., from a robot whose bumper can move with respect to its body)

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