player_position1d_data Struct Reference

#include <player.h>

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Detailed Description


The position interface returns data regarding the odometric pose and velocity of the robot, as well as motor stall information.

Public Attributes

float pos
 position [m] or [rad] depending on actuator type
float vel
 translational velocities [m/s] or [rad/s] depending on actuator type
uint8_t stall
 Is the motor stalled?
uint8_t status
 bitfield of extra data in the following order:
  • status (unsigned byte)
    • bit 0: limit min
    • bit 1: limit center
    • bit 2: limit max
    • bit 3: over current
    • bit 4: trajectory complete
    • bit 5: is enabled
    • bit 6:
    • bit 7:

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