player_audiodsp_cmd Struct Reference

#include <player.h>

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Detailed Description

Command: tone / chirp to play.

The audiodsp interface accepts commands to produce fixed-frequency tones or binary phase shift keyed(BPSK) chirps through /dev/dsp (which is assumed to be associated with a sound card to which a speaker is attached). The command subtype, which should be PLAYER_AUDIODSP_PLAY_TONE, PLAYER_AUDIODSP_PLAY_CHIRP, or PLAYER_AUDIODSP_REPLAY, determines what to do.

Public Attributes

float frequency
 Frequency to play [Hz].
float amplitude
 Amplitude to play [dB].
float duration
 Duration to play [s].
uint32_t bit_string_count
 Length of bit string.
 BitString to encode in sine wave.

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