Supported devices

The following tables list the hardware and software systems that are supported by Player.

These tables should generally be up to date with respect to the current code in CVS, and thus may be newer than the latest official release. Also check the Drivers list.

Please post additions and corrections to these tables to our developers' mailing list.


Manufacturer Device(s) Driver

Acroname Garcia garcia

Botrics Obot d100 obot

Evolution Robotics ER1 and ERSDK robots er1

iRobot Roomba vaccuming robot roomba

K-Team Robotics Extension Board (REB) attached to Kameleon 376BC reb

K-Team Khephera khepera

MobileRobots (formerly ActivMedia) PSOS/P2OS/AROS-based robots (e.g., Pioneer, AmigoBot) and integrated accessories, including a CMUcam connected to the AUX port. p2os

Nomadics NOMAD200 (and possibly related) mobile robots nomad

RWI/iRobot RFLEX-based robots (e.g., B21r, ATRV Jr) and integrated accessories. rflex

Segway Robotic Mobility Platform (RMP), a custom-modified version of the Human Transport (HT) segwayrmp

UPenn GRASP Clodbuster clodbuster

Videre Design ERRATIC mobile robot platform erratic

White Box Robotics 914 PC-BOT wbr914

Miscellaneous hardware

Manufacturer Device(s) Driver

Amtec PowerCube pan-tilt unit amtecpowercube

Ascension Flock of Birds position tracker flockofbirds

Canon VC-C4 pan-tilt-zoom camera driver_canonvcc4

Crossbow Mica2 / Mica2DOT mote sensor nodes mica2

DirectedPerception PTU-D46 pan-tilt unit ptu46

Garmin Geko 201 handheld GPS receiver (and most other NMEA-compliant GPS units) garminnmea

Hokuyo URG laser range finder urglaser

Inside Contactless M300/R300 2G RFID reader (13.56MHz) insideM300

InterSense InertiaCube2 IMU inertiacube2

MicroStrain 3DM-G IMU microstrain3dmg

Logitech QuickCam Sphere pan-tilt-zoom camera sphere

SICK LMS 200 laser range-finder (and possibly other SICK lasers) sicklms200, sickpls, sicks3000, sicknav200

SkyeTek M1/M1-mini RFID readers (13.56MHz) skyetekM1

Sony EVID30 and EVID100 pan-tilt-zoom cameras sonyevid30

TeCo Particle Router Core (XBridge) sensor node rcore_xbridge

Various (licensed by CMU) CMUcam2 pan-tilt blob-tracking camera cmucam2

Various Generic Linux sound hardware. Performs Fast Fourier Transform on incoming audio data and emits various tones. acoustics

Various Generic Linux sound hardware. Provides access to mixer controls (e.g., volume). mixer

Various Generic Linux sound hardware. Provides the ability to transmit and receive raw audio signals. waveaudio

Various Generic Linux wireless hardware. Provides access, via /proc, to info about the wireless hardware (e.g., signal quality). linuxwifi

Various Generic Linux wireless hardware. Provides access, via iwspy, to info about the wireless hardware (e.g., signal quality). iwspy

Various IEEE1394 (aka Firewire) cameras camera1394

Various Cameras supported by Video4Linux camerav4l

Various Generic Linux joystick. Allows access to axis and button state. linuxjoystick

Miscellaneous software

Manufacturer Device(s) Driver

Jim Bruce Color Machine Vision (CMVision) blob-tracking software cmvision

MobileRobots (formerly ActivMedia); written by Paul Rybski ActivMedia Color Tracking System (ACTS) blob-tracking software acts

MIT / LIRA-Lab YARP image capture yarp_image

The Centre for Speech Technology Research, University of Edinburgh Festival speech-synthesis software festival

Speech at CMU Sphinx2 speech-recognition software sphinx2

Porchdog Software Howl Zeroconf networking library service_adv_mdns


Algorithm(s) Description References Driver

Nearness Diagram (ND) Navigation goal-seeking obstacle-avoidance, especially suited for non-holonomic, non-circular robots in tight spaces Minguez & Montano (2004), Nearness Diagram Navigation (ND): Collision Avoidance in Troublesome Scenarios
Minguez, Osuna, & Montano (2004), A Divide and Conquer Strategy based on Situations to Achieve Reactive Collision Avoidance in Troublesome Scenarios.

configuration space Modulates raw laser data according to the robot's dimensions in order to represent the empty area in the robot's configuration space. lasercspace

Vector Field Histogram (VFH+) goal-seeking obstacle avoidance algorithm Ulrich & Borenstein (1998), "VFH+: Reliable Obstacle Avoidance for Fast Mobile Robots" vfh

Adaptive Monte Carlo Localization (AMCL) Performs probabilistic localization for a planar mobile robot equipped with a map and appropriate sensors Fox (2001), KLD-Sampling: Adaptive Particle Filters amcl

Wavefront propagation planner Performs configuration-space path-planning for a planar robot via cell decomposition and wavefront propagation. Latombe (1991), Robot Motion Planning wavefront


Manufacturer Name Description Driver(s)

The Player/Stage/Gazebo project Gazebo A 3-dimensional multi-robot simulator gazebo

The Player/Stage/Gazebo project Stage A 2-dimensional multi-robot simulator stage

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