player_map_data Struct Reference

#include <player.h>

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Detailed Description

Request/reply: get grid map tile.

To request a grid map tile, send a PLAYER_MAP_REQ_GET_DATA request with the tile origin and size you want. Set data_count to 0 and leave the data field empty. The response will contain origin, size, and occupancy data for a tile. Note that the response tile may not be exactly the same as the tile you requested (e.g., your requested tile is too large or runs off the map).

Public Attributes

uint32_t col
 The tile origin [pixels].
uint32_t row
 The tile origin [pixels].
uint32_t width
 The size of the tile [pixels].
uint32_t height
 The size of the tile [pixels].
uint32_t data_count
 The number of cells.
 Cell occupancy value (empty = -1, unknown = 0, occupied = +1).

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