Detailed Description

Listed below are tutorials on various topics that may be of interest to users of Player.

The goal of these documents is to provide the user with concise explanations (with examples, wherever possible) of important concepts and common tasks.

Please contribute! If you have anything to add, whether it's to fill out an empty tutorial, augment an existing tutorial, or suggest or provide a new one, please let us know. Send your contribution to the users' mailing list: playerstage-users@lists.sourceforge.net.


 Interfaces, drivers, and devices
 Fundamental concepts in Player.
 Migrating from Player 1.6 to Player 2.0
 Including a guide to updating your drivers.
 Using cameras and blobfinders
 Configuring and accessing cameras.
 Using Player and Automake
 A brief overview of how Automake works.
 How to build Player for embedded systems.
 Command line arguments
 Parsing command-line arguments.
 Data logging
 Logging sensor data to files and playing it back.
 Writing configuration files
 Config files.
 Adding a new interface
 How to add an interface for a new kind of device.
 Writing a Player driver
 How to write, compile, and load plugin driver.
 Manipulating maps

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