Gazebo Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
ActarrayActuatorStructure containing a single actuator's information
ActarrayActuatorGeomActuator geometry
ActarrayDataThe actuator array data packet
ActarrayIfaceThe Actarray interface
ActarrayInterfaceActarray interface
AudioControllerAudio controller
AudioDataAudio interface data
AudioIfaceThe audio interface
BallJointA ball joint
Bandit_ActarrayBandit actuator array controller This is a controller that simulates a Bandit torso
BodyBody class
BoxGeomBox geom
CameraDataCamera interface data
CameraIfaceThe camera interface
CameraInterfaceCamera interface
CameraManagerClass to manage all the cameras in the world
CameraSensorBasic camera sensor
ClientClient class
ColorColor class
ContactParamsContact params
ControllerBase class for all controllers
ControllerFactoryThe controller factory; the class is just for namespacing purposes
ControllerStubA stubbed out controller
CylinderGeomCylinder geom
Differential_Position2dPioneer 2 DX Position2D controller
DriveWheelCar-like four wheels ackermann Position2D controller
DummyGuiDummy window used to run gazebo without display
EntityBase class for all objects in Gazebo
FactoryFactory used for dynamic construction of models
FactoryDataFudicial interface data
FactoryIfaceFactory interface
FiducialDataFiducial data
FiducialFidFudicial interface data
FiducialIfaceFiducial interface
FiducialInterfacePlugin Player interface for Gazebo fiducials
FLTKGuiFLTK Main Window
FullWheelA full fledged wheel This wheel can be rotated with its own motor and also can rotate
GazeboClientGazebo client handler
GazeboDriverGazebo player driver
GazeboErrorUse gzthrow(data1 << data2) to throw errors
GazeboInterfaceBase class for all the player interfaces
GazeboMessageUse gzmsg(level) as an ostream to output messages, where level is an integer priority level
GazeboTimeGazebo access to PlayerTime
Generic_CameraGeneric camera controller
Generic_PTZGeneric ptz controller
GeomBase class for all geoms
GlobalThe param:Global tag is used to specify certain global parameters for the server
GpsInterfaceGPS interface
Graphics3dDataGraphics3d interface data
Graphics3dIfaceGraphics3d interface
Graphics3dInterfaceGraphics3d interface
GripperDataFudicial interface data
GripperIfaceGripper interface
GripperInterfaceGripper interface
GuiAbstract class describing a generic GUI
GuiFactoryThe gui factory
HeightmapGeomHeight map geom
Hinge2JointA two axis hinge joint
HingeJointA single axis hinge joint
IfaceBase class for all interfaces
IfaceFactoryThe iface factory; the class is just for namespacing purposes
JointBase class for all joints
LaserDataLaser interface data
LaserIfaceLaser interface
LaserInterfacePlugin Player interface for a Gazebo laser
ModelA model
MonoCameraSensorBasic camera sensor
MovableTextMovable text
ODEPhysicsODE physics engine
OgreAdaptorAdptor to Ogre3d
OgreCreatorFunctions that creates Ogre3d objects
OgreDynamicLinesClass for drawing lines
OgreDynamicRenderableAbstract base class providing mechanisms for dynamically growing hardware buffers
OgreHUDThe Heads Up Display
OgreSimpleShapeClass used to render simple shapes
OgreVisualOgre Visual Object
PhysicsEngineBase class for a physics engine
Pioneer2_GripperPioneer 2 DX Position2D controller
PlaneGeomGeom for an infinite plane
PosePose class
Pose3dPose3d encapsulates a position and rotation in three space
Position2dInterfacePosition2d Player interface
Position3dInterfacePosition3d interface
PositionDataPosition interface data
PositionIfacePosition interface
PowerInterfacePower interface
PTZDataPTZ data
PTZIfacePTZ interface
PTZInterfacePTZ Interface
QuaternA quaternion class
RayGeomRay geom
RaySensorSensor with one or more rays
SensorBase class for sensors
SensorFactoryThe sensor factory; the class is just for namespacing purposes
SensorStubStubbed out sensor
ServerServer class
SickLMS200_LaserSick LMS 200 laser controller
SimulationDataSimulation interface data
SimulationIfaceCommon simulation interface
SimulationInterfaceThe Simulation interface
SimulatorThe World
SingletonTSingleton class
SliderJointA slider joint
SonarInterfaceSonar interface
SphereGeomSphere geom
Steering_Position2dSteering-like four wheels ackermann Position2D controller
Stereo_CameraStereo camera controller
StereoCameraDataStereo data
StereoCameraIfaceStereo interface
StereoCameraSensorStereo camera sensor
TimeA Time class
TrimeshGeomTriangle mesh geom
UniversalJointA universal joint
UpdateParamsParameters used during update cycle
Vec3Vector 3 class
Vector2Generic x,y vector
Vector3Generic x,y,z vector
WheelCar-like four wheels ackermann Position2D controller
WorldThe World
XMLConfigXML parser
XMLConfigNodeClass encapsulating a single xml node

Last updated Aug 04 2007