FullWheel Class Reference

#include <FullWheel.hh>

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Detailed Description

A full fledged wheel This wheel can be rotated with its own motor and also can rotate.

Public Member Functions

 FullWheel ()
virtual ~FullWheel ()
void Connect (Joint *joint, int type)
 Connect this control to a joint.
void Update (float speed, float steer)
 Update the wheel.
void SetSteerTorque (float newTorque)
 Set the steering torque.
void SetTorque (float newTorque)
 Set the torque.
void SetSteerPD (float kp, float kd)
 Set the Steering control parameters.
void SetSteerMaxAngle (float maxAngle)
 Set the maximum Angle the steering will rotate.
void Stop ()
 Stops this wheel.
void SetSuspension (float spring, float damping, float step)
 Experimental: Sets the suspension of this wheel.

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Last updated Aug 04 2007