StereoCameraData Class Reference

#include <gazebo.h>

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Detailed Description

Stereo data.

Public Attributes

GazeboData head
unsigned int width
 Width of image in pixels.
unsigned int height
 Height of image in pixels.
float farClip
 Far clip distance in meters.
float nearClip
 Near clip distance in meters.
unsigned int left_rgb_size
 Left image size.
unsigned char left_rgb [640 *480 *3]
 left image (R8G8B8)
unsigned int right_rgb_size
 Right image size.
unsigned char right_rgb [640 *480 *3]
 Right image (R8G8B8).
unsigned int left_disparity_size
 Left disparity size.
float left_disparity [640 *480]
 Left disparity (float).
unsigned int right_disparity_size
 Right Disparity size.
float right_disparity [640 *480]
 Right disparity (float).

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Last updated Aug 04 2007