FLTKGui Class Reference

#include <Gui.hh>

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Detailed Description

FLTK Main Window.

Public Member Functions

 FLTKGui (int x, int y, int w, int h, const std::string &t)
virtual ~FLTKGui ()
virtual void Init ()
 Initalize the gui.
virtual void Update ()
 Updates the gui.
unsigned int GetWidth () const
 Get the width of the gui's rendering window.
unsigned int GetHeight () const
 Get the height of the gui's rendering window.
int handle (int event)
 Handle an event.
Window GetWindowId () const
 Get the id of the window.
XVisualInfo * GetVisualInfo () const
 Get the visual info.
Display * GetDisplay () const
 Get the display.

Protected Attributes

Window windowId
 ID of the window.
XVisualInfo * visual
 Pointer to the Xvisual.
Colormap colormap
Display * display
 pointer to the display

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