Simulator Class Reference

#include <Simulator.hh>

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SingletonT List of all members.

Detailed Description

The World.

Public Member Functions

void Close ()
 Closes the present simulation, frees the resources.
void Load (const std::string &worldFileName, unsigned int serverId)
 Load the world configuration file.
void Save (const std::string &filename=std::string())
 Save the world configuration file.
int Init ()
 Initialize the simulation.
void Fini ()
 Finalize the simulation.
void MainLoop ()
 Main simulation loop, when this loop ends the simulation finish.
GuiGetUI ()
 Gets our current GUI interface.
bool IsPaused () const
 Returns the state of the simulation true if paused.
unsigned long GetIterations ()
 Get the number of iterations.
double GetSimTime () const
 Get the simulation time.
double GetPauseTime () const
 Get the pause time.
double GetStartTime () const
 Get the start time.
double GetRealTime () const
 Get the real time (elapsed time).
double GetWallTime () const
 Get the wall clock time.
void LoadGui (XMLConfigNode *rootNode)
void SaveGui (XMLConfigNode *node)
void SetUserQuit ()
 Simulator finished by the user.
bool GetUserPause ()
 Return true if the user has pased.
void SetUserPause (bool pause)
 Set whether the user has paused.
bool GetUserStep ()
 Return true if the user has stepped the simulation.
void SetUserStep (bool step)
 Set whether the user has stepped the simulation.
bool GetUserStepInc ()
 Return true if the step has incremented.
void SetUserStepInc (bool step)
 Set whether the step has incremented.

Member Function Documentation

double GetSimTime (  )  const

Get the simulation time.

The simulation time

double GetPauseTime (  )  const

Get the pause time.

The pause time

double GetStartTime (  )  const

Get the start time.

The start time

double GetRealTime (  )  const

Get the real time (elapsed time).

The real time

double GetWallTime (  )  const

Get the wall clock time.

The wall clock time

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