MovableText Class Reference

#include <MovableText.hh>

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Detailed Description

Movable text.

Public Types

enum  HorizAlign { H_LEFT, H_CENTER }
 Horizontal alignment.
enum  VertAlign { V_BELOW, V_ABOVE }
 vertical alignment

Public Member Functions

 MovableText ()
virtual ~MovableText ()
void Load (const std::string &name, const Ogre::UTFString &text, const std::string &fontName="Arial", float charHeight=1.0, const Ogre::ColourValue &color=Ogre::ColourValue::White)
 Loads text and font info.
void SetFontName (const std::string &font)
 Set the font.
const std::string & GetFont () const
 Get the font.
void SetText (const Ogre::UTFString &caption)
 Set the text to display.
const Ogre::UTFString & GetText () const
 Get the displayed text.
void SetColor (const Ogre::ColourValue &color)
 Set the text color.
const Ogre::ColourValue & GetColor () const
 Get the text color.
void SetCharHeight (float height)
 Set the height of a character.
float GetCharHeight () const
 Set the height of a characters.
void SetSpaceWidth (float width)
 Set the width of a space.
float GetSpaceWidth () const
 Get the width of a space.
void SetTextAlignment (const HorizAlign &hAlign, const VertAlign &vAlign)
 Set the alignment of the text.
void SetBaseline (float height)
 Set the baseline height of the text.
float GetBaseline () const
 Get the baseline height.
void SetShowOnTop (bool show)
 True=text always is displayed ontop.
bool GetShowOnTop () const
 True=text is displayed on top.
Ogre::AxisAlignedBox GetAABB ()
 Get the axis aligned bounding box of the text.

Protected Member Functions

void _setupGeometry ()
 setup the geometry (from MovableText)
void _updateColors ()
 update the color(from MovableText)
void getWorldTransforms (Ogre::Matrix4 *xform) const
 Get the world transform (from MovableObject).
float getBoundingRadius () const
 Get the bounding radiu (from MovableObject).
float getSquaredViewDepth (const Ogre::Camera *cam) const
 Get the squared view depth (from MovableObject).
void getRenderOperation (Ogre::RenderOperation &op)
 Get the render operation.
const Ogre::MaterialPtr & getMaterial (void) const
 Get the material.
const Ogre::LightList & getLights (void) const
 Get the lights.

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