OgreCreator Class Reference

#include <OgreCreator.hh>

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Detailed Description

Functions that creates Ogre3d objects.

Public Member Functions

 OgreCreator ()
virtual ~OgreCreator ()

Static Public Member Functions

static void CreateBasicShapes ()
 Create some simple general shapes.
static OgreVisualCreatePlane (XMLConfigNode *node, Entity *parent)
 Helper function to create a Plane.
static void CreateLight (XMLConfigNode *node, Entity *entity)
 Create a light source and attach it to the entity.
static Ogre::Camera * CreateCamera (const std::string &name, double nearClip, double farClip, double hfov, Ogre::RenderTarget *renderTarget)
 Helper function to create a camera.
static void CreateFog (XMLConfigNode *node)
 Helper function to create fog.
static void SaveFog (XMLConfigNode *node)
 Helper function to save the fog settings.
static void CreateSky (XMLConfigNode *node)
 Helper function to create the sky.
static void DrawGrid ()

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