CameraManager Class Reference

#include <CameraManager.hh>

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Detailed Description

Class to manage all the cameras in the world.

Public Member Functions

 ~CameraManager ()
void AddCamera (CameraSensor *camera)
 Add camera to the manager.
void Clear ()
 Del all the cameras.
unsigned int GetNumCameras () const
 Return the number of cameras.
CameraSensorGetCamera (int index)
 Get a camera.
void SetActiveCamera (unsigned int index)
 Set a camera to be active.
CameraSensorGetActiveCamera ()
 Return the active camera.
void IncActiveCamera ()
 Set the next camera in the queue to be active.
void DecActiveCamera ()
 Set the prev camera in the queue to be active.

Static Public Member Functions

static CameraManagerInstance ()
 Get instance of the camera manager.

Member Function Documentation

CameraSensor* GetCamera ( int  index  ) 

Get a camera.

index Index of the camera to get
Pointer to the camera

CameraSensor* GetActiveCamera (  ) 

Return the active camera.

Pointer to the active camera

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