ControllerFactory Class Reference

#include <ControllerFactory.hh>

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Detailed Description

The controller factory; the class is just for namespacing purposes.

Static Public Member Functions

static void RegisterController (std::string type, std::string classname, ControllerFactoryFn factoryfn)
 Register a controller class (called by controller registration function).
static ControllerNewController (const std::string &classname, Entity *parent)
 Create a new instance of a controller.
static void LoadPlugin (const std::string &plugin, const std::string &classname)
 Load a controller plugin. Used by Model and Sensor when creating controllers.

Member Function Documentation

static Controller* NewController ( const std::string &  classname,
Entity parent 
) [static]

Create a new instance of a controller.

Used by the world when reading the world file.

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Last updated Aug 04 2007