CameraSensor Class Reference

#include <CameraSensor.hh>

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Detailed Description

Basic camera sensor.

This sensor is used for simulating standard monocular cameras; is is used by both camera models (e.g., SonyVID30) and user interface models (e.g., ObserverCam).

Public Member Functions

 CameraSensor (Body *body)
virtual ~CameraSensor ()
Pose3d GetWorldPose () const
 Get the global pose of the camera.
virtual std::string GetMaterialName () const=0
 Return the material the camera renders to.
void Translate (const Vector3 &direction)
 Translate the camera.
void RotateYaw (float angle)
 Rotate the camera around the yaw axis.
void RotatePitch (float angle)
 Rotate the camera around the pitch axis.
double GetFOV () const
 Get the camera FOV (horizontal).
unsigned int GetImageWidth () const
 Get the width of the image.
unsigned int GetTextureWidth () const
 Get the width of the texture.
unsigned int GetImageHeight () const
 Get the height of the image.
unsigned int GetTextureHeight () const
 Get the height of the texture.
size_t GetImageByteSize () const
 Get the image size in bytes.
virtual const unsigned char * GetImageData (unsigned int i=0)=0
double GetZValue (int x, int y)
 Get the Z-buffer value at the given image coordinate.
double GetNearClip ()
 Get the near clip distance.
double GetFarClip ()
 Get the far clip distance.
void EnableSaveFrame (bool enable)
 Enable or disable saving.
void ToggleSaveFrame ()
 Toggle saving of frames.
Ogre::Camera * GetOgreCamera () const
 Get a pointer to the ogre camera.

Protected Member Functions

virtual void LoadChild (XMLConfigNode *node)
 Load the camera using parameter from an XMLConfig node.
virtual void InitChild ()
 Initialize the camera.
virtual void UpdateChild (UpdateParams &params)
 Update the sensor information.
virtual void FiniChild ()
 Finalize the camera.
virtual void SaveFrame ()=0

Protected Attributes

double hfov
double nearClip
double farClip
unsigned int imageWidth
unsigned int imageHeight
unsigned int textureWidth
unsigned int textureHeight
Ogre::Camera * camera
Ogre::SceneNode * pitchNode
Pose3d pose
Ogre::SceneNode * sceneNode
unsigned char * saveFrameBuffer
unsigned int saveCount
bool saveFrames
std::string savePathname
unsigned int visibilityMask

Member Function Documentation

virtual void LoadChild ( XMLConfigNode node  )  [protected, virtual]

Load the camera using parameter from an XMLConfig node.

node The XMLConfig node

Reimplemented from Sensor.

Reimplemented in MonoCameraSensor, and StereoCameraSensor.

double GetZValue ( int  x,
int  y 

Get the Z-buffer value at the given image coordinate.

x,y Image coordinate; (0, 0) specifies the top-left corner.
Image z value; note that this is abitrarily scaled and is not the same as the depth value.

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