PhysicsEngine Class Reference

#include <PhysicsEngine.hh>

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Detailed Description

Base class for a physics engine.

The parameters are as follows:

Public Member Functions

 PhysicsEngine ()
 Default constructor.
virtual ~PhysicsEngine ()
virtual void Load (XMLConfigNode *node)=0
 Load the physics engine.
virtual void Save (XMLConfigNode *node)=0
 Saves to XMLFile.
virtual void Init ()=0
 Initialize the physics engine.
virtual void Update ()=0
 Update the physics engine.
virtual void Fini ()=0
 Finilize the physics engine.
virtual void AddEntity (Entity *entity)=0
 Add an entity.
virtual void RemoveEntity (Entity *entity)=0
 Remove an entity from the physics engine.
virtual BodyCreateBody (Entity *parent)=0
 Create a new body.
virtual JointCreateJoint (Joint::Type type)=0
 Create a new joint.
Vector3 GetGravity () const
 Return the gavity vector.
double GetStepTime () const
 Get the time between each update cycle.

Protected Attributes

Vector3 gravity
 The gravity vector.
double stepTime
 Time between each update cycle.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void Load ( XMLConfigNode node  )  [pure virtual]

Load the physics engine.

node Pointer to the XML parameters

Implemented in ODEPhysics.

virtual void Save ( XMLConfigNode node  )  [pure virtual]

Saves to XMLFile.

node Pointer to the XML writer

Implemented in ODEPhysics.

Vector3 GetGravity (  )  const

Return the gavity vector.

The gavity vector

double GetStepTime (  )  const

Get the time between each update cycle.

Time in seconds

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