Client Class Reference

#include <gazebo.h>

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Detailed Description

Client class.

Public Member Functions

 Client ()
 Create a new client.
virtual ~Client ()
 Destroy a client.
void Query (int server_id)
 Test for the presence of the server.
void Connect (int server_id)
 Connect to the server (non-blocking mode).
void ConnectWait (int server_id, int client_id)
 Connect to the server (blocking mode).
void Disconnect ()
 Disconnect from the server.
void Wait ()
 Wait for new data to be posted (blocking mode).

Public Attributes

int serverId
 The server id.
int clientId
 The client id.
std::string filename
 The directory containing mmap files.
int semKey
 The semphore key.
int semId
 The semphore id.

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Last updated Aug 04 2007