SimulationData Class Reference

#include <gazebo.h>

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Detailed Description

Simulation interface data.

Public Attributes

GazeboData head
double simTime
 Elapsed simulation time.
double pauseTime
 Accumpated pause time (this interface may be updated with the server is paused).
double realTime
 Elapsed real time since start of simulation (from system clock).
int state
 state of the simulation : 0 paused, 1 running -1 not_started/exiting
bool pause
 Pause simulation (set by client) should check the state Changes the state of the simulation from pause to play and viceversa.
int reset
 Reset simulation (set by client).
int save
 Save current poses to world file (set by client).
char model_name [512]
 Name of the model to get/set data.
char model_req [32]
 Type of request
  • "get_pose" Sets model_pose to the pose of model_name
  • "set_pose3d" Set the model_name to model_pose
  • "set_pose2d" Set the model_name to model_pose.

Pose model_pose
 Pose of the model.

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