Sensor Class Reference

#include <Sensor.hh>

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Detailed Description

Base class for sensors.

Public Member Functions

 Sensor (Body *body)
virtual ~Sensor ()
virtual void Load (XMLConfigNode *node)
 Load the sensor.
void Init ()
 Initialize the sensor.
void Update (UpdateParams &params)
 Update the sensor.
void Fini ()
 Finalize the sensor.
void SetActive (bool value)
 Set whether the sensor is active or not.

Protected Member Functions

virtual void LoadChild (XMLConfigNode *)
 Load the child sensor.
virtual void InitChild ()
 Initialize the child.
virtual void UpdateChild (UpdateParams &)
 Update the child.
virtual void FiniChild ()
 Finalize the child.

Protected Attributes

 The body this sensor is attached to.
 Pointer to the controller of the sensor.
bool active
 True if active.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void Load ( XMLConfigNode node  )  [virtual]

Load the sensor.

node XMLConfigNode pointer

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