Wheel Class Reference

#include <Wheel.hh>

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Detailed Description

Car-like four wheels ackermann Position2D controller.

This is a controller that simulates a Pioneer 2DX motion

Public Member Functions

 Wheel ()
virtual ~Wheel ()
virtual void Connect (Joint *joint, int type)
 Connect this controller with a given joint.
virtual void Update (float speed, float steer)
 Update this controller.
virtual void SetTorque (float newTorque)
 Set the driving force torque of this wheel.
virtual void Stop ()
 Stops this wheel.
virtual void SetSuspension (float spring, float damping, float step)
 Set the suspension of this wheel.
int GetType ()
 Returns the type of this wheel.

Protected Types

enum  { DRIVE, STEER, FULL }

Protected Attributes

float torque
float cmdSpeed
float steerKp
float steerKd
int type

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