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Detailed Description

The drivers themselves.


 Linux ALSA sound system driver.
 driver base for image processing drivers, inherit from this driver and implement the process frame method
 Local memory implementation of a blackboard.
 ActivMedia color tracking system.
 coded marker detection from the artoolkitplus project
 Tracks shapes in camera images.
 Visual shape-detection.
 UPC barcode detection.
 Firewire camera capture.
 Image compression.
 Image compression.
 Image file sequencer.
 Logitech Sphere camera.
 USB video (UVC) camera interface.
 Video4Linux camera capture.
 Driver for connecting to a YARP server and getting an Image.
 Laser bar detector.
 Laser barcode detector.
 Extract line/corner features from a laser scan.
 Color laser/visual barcode detector.
 Black & white laser/visual barcode detector.
 Garmin GPS unit.
 The health driver allows for a user to get general systems data concerning a specific robot.
 nIMU Inertial Measurement Unit driver
 XSens MTx/MTi Inertial Measurement Unit driver.
 Linux joystick.
 A driver to convert bumper readings to fake laser readings.
 Laser configuration space.
 Laser cutter.
 Attach poses to laser scans.
 Laser rescanner.
 RS4-E leuze laser range-finder.
 SICK LMS 200 / PLS laser range-finder.
 SICK LMS 400 laser range-finder.
 SICK S 3000 laser range-finder.
 Hokuyo URG laser range-finder.
 Calculates the joint commands for a given End Effector pose using ROBOOP's Inverse Kinematics algorithms.
 Adaptive Monte Carlo localization.
 Fake localization.
 Grow obstacles in grid maps.
 Read grid maps from image files.
 Scale grid maps.
 Read vector maps from text files.
 lifomcom (deprecated)
 Queue-based client-client communication.
 Botrics Obot mobile robot.
 Clodbuster mobile robot.
 CMUCam2 pan-tilt-zoom blob-tracking camera.
 Evolution ER1 mobile robot.
 The Garcia mobile robot.
 iRobot Create
 iRobot Roomba
 K-Team Khepera mobile robot.
 Map Reference ICP.
 Nomadics NOMAD200 mobile robot.
 Nomadics NOMAD200 motors, odometry.
 Nomadics NOMAD200 sonar array.
 ActivMedia mobile robots.
 Phidget InterfaceKit driver.
 K-Team Kameleon Robotics Extension Board.
 RWI mobile robots.
 Segway RMP mobile robot.
 White Box Robotics Model 914 robot.
 Wavefront-propagation path-planner.
 Build a 3D point cloud from laser and ptz data.
 Ascension Flock of Birds position tracker.
 Bumper monitor.
 iSense InertiaCube2 IMU
 Bumper monitor.
 MicroStrain 3DM-G IMU.
 SICK NAV200 laser localisation unit.
 Nearness Diagram Navigation.
 Motor control driver for Roboteq AX2550.
 Vector Field Histogram local navigation algorithm.
 Amtec PowerCube pan-tilt unit.
 Directed Perceptions PTU-46-17.5 pan-tilt unit.
 Sony EVI-D30 and EVI-D100 pan-tilt-zoom cameras.
 Gearbox sickacfr SICK LMS driver library.
 Gearbox hokuyo_aist Hokuyo laser scanner driver library.
 Laser-to-Ranger converter.
 Sonar-to-Ranger converter.
 Inside M300 RFID reader.
 Phidget RFID reader.
 SICK RFI341 RFID reader.
 Skyetek M1 RFID reader.
 Multicast DNS service discovery.
 Dummy driver.
 Karto logger plugin.
 General-purpose proxy driver.
 Playback of logged data.
 Logging data.
 Festival speech synthesis system.
 Sphinx2 speech recognition system.
 Vectormap driver based on a Postgresql database with the PostGIS plugin.
 A driver to convert a vector map to a regular grid map.
 Linux AODV ad hoc networking.
 Linux iwspy access.
 Linux WiFi devices.
 Acceleration calibration driver.
 Crossbow Mica2/Mica2Dot mote sensor node.
 TeCo Particle Router Core (XBridge) sensor node.





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