Collaboration diagram for p2os:

Many robots made by ActivMedia, such as the Pioneer series and the AmigoBot, are controlled by a microcontroller that runs a special embedded operating system called P2OS (aka AROS, PSOS). The host computer talks to the P2OS microcontroller over a standard RS232 serial line. This driver offer access to the various P2OS-mediated devices, logically splitting up the devices' functionality.

Compile-time dependencies

The p2os driver provides the following device interfaces, some of them named:

Supported configuration requests

Configuration file options

  name "p2os"
  provides ["odometry::position:0" "compass::position:1" "sonar:0" "power:0"]

Brian Gerkey, Kasper Stoy, James McKenna

Last updated 12 September 2005 21:38:45