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CMVision (Color Machine Vision) is a fast color-segmentation (aka blob-finding) software library. CMVision was written by Jim Bruce at CMU and is Freely available under the GNU GPL. But you don't have to download CMVision yourself, because Player's cmvision driver includes the CMVision code. The cmvision driver provides a stream of camera images to the CMVision code and assembles the resulting blob information into Player's data format.

Consult the CMVision documentation for details on writing a CMVision configuration file.

Compile-time dependencies



Configuration requests

Configuration file options

(255,  0,  0) 0.000000 10 Red
(  0,255,  0) 0.000000 10 Green
(  0,  0,255) 0.000000 10 Blue

( 25:164, 80:120,150:240)
( 20:220, 50:120, 40:115)
( 15:190,145:255, 40:120)

  name "cmvision"
  provides ["blobfinder:0"]
  requires ["camera:0"]

Andy Martignoni III, Brian Gerkey, Brendan Burns, Ben Grocholsky, Brad Kratochvil

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