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Provides position2d interface to the Roboteq AX2550 motor controller This driver ignores all configuration requests and produces no data although the hardware device supports a number of configurations and data over the serial link. It simply accepts 2 types of commmands translation and rotation, then converts these to the syntax used by the Roboteq. This driver uses the configuration file options max_rot_spd and max_trans_spd to scale commands sent to the controller. These values can be determined by testing with RC -- or closed loop could be implemented by integrating dead-reckoning devices.

Compile-time dependencies



Configuration requests

Configuration file options

  name "roboteq"
  provides ["position2d:0"] 
  devicepath "/dev/ttyS0"
  max_trans_spd 6.0
  max_rot_spd 4.0

Pablo Rivera

Last updated 12 September 2005 21:38:45