[Interface specifications]

Detailed Description

An array of actuators.

The actuator array interface provides access to an array of actuators.

 Maximum number of actuators.
 Idle state code.
 Moving state code.
 Braked state code.
 Stalled state code.
 Linear type code.
 Rotary type code.
 Request subtype: power.
 Request subtype: brakes.
 Request subtype: get geometry.
 Request subtype: speed.
 Command subtype: position.
 Command subtype: speed.
 Command subtype: home.
 Data subtype: state.
typedef player_actarray_actuator player_actarray_actuator_t
 Structure containing a single actuator's information.
typedef player_actarray_data player_actarray_data_t
typedef player_actarray_actuatorgeom player_actarray_actuatorgeom_t
 Actuator geometry.
typedef player_actarray_geom player_actarray_geom_t
 Request/reply: get geometry.
typedef player_actarray_position_cmd player_actarray_position_cmd_t
 Command: Joint position control (PLAYER_ACTARRAY_POS_CMD).
typedef player_actarray_speed_cmd player_actarray_speed_cmd_t
 Command: Joint speed control (PLAYER_ACTARRAY_SPEED_CMD).
typedef player_actarray_home_cmd player_actarray_home_cmd_t
 Command: Joint home (PLAYER_ACTARRAY_HOME_CMD).
typedef player_actarray_power_config player_actarray_power_config_t
 Request/reply: Power.
typedef player_actarray_brakes_config player_actarray_brakes_config_t
 Request/reply: Brakes.
typedef player_actarray_speed_config player_actarray_speed_config_t
 Request/reply: Speed.

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct player_actarray_brakes_config player_actarray_brakes_config_t

Request/reply: Brakes.

Send a PLAYER_ACTARRAY_BRAKES_REQ request to turn the brakes of all actuators in the array that have them on or off. Null response.

typedef struct player_actarray_data player_actarray_data_t


The actuator array data packet.

typedef struct player_actarray_geom player_actarray_geom_t

Request/reply: get geometry.

Send a null PLAYER_ACTARRAY_GET_GEOM_REQ request to receive the geometry in this form.

typedef struct player_actarray_home_cmd player_actarray_home_cmd_t

Command: Joint home (PLAYER_ACTARRAY_HOME_CMD).

Tells a joint (or the whole array) to go to home position.

typedef struct player_actarray_position_cmd player_actarray_position_cmd_t

Command: Joint position control (PLAYER_ACTARRAY_POS_CMD).

Tells a joint to attempt to move to a requested position.

typedef struct player_actarray_power_config player_actarray_power_config_t

Request/reply: Power.

Send a PLAYER_ACTARRAY_POWER_REQ request to turn the power to all actuators in the array on or off. Be careful when turning power on that the array is not obstructed from its home position in case it moves to it (common behaviour). Null response.

typedef struct player_actarray_speed_cmd player_actarray_speed_cmd_t

Command: Joint speed control (PLAYER_ACTARRAY_SPEED_CMD).

Tells a joint to attempt to move at a requested speed.

typedef struct player_actarray_speed_config player_actarray_speed_config_t

Request/reply: Speed.

Send a PLAYER_ACTARRAY_SPEED_REQ request to set the speed of a joint for all subsequent movements. Null response.

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