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Detailed Description

A visual blob-detection system.

The blobfinder interface provides access to devices that detect blobs in images.

typedef player_blobfinder_blob player_blobfinder_blob_t
 Structure describing a single blob.
typedef player_blobfinder_data player_blobfinder_data_t
 Data: detected blobs (PLAYER_BLOBFINDER_DATA_BLOBS).
typedef player_blobfinder_color_config player_blobfinder_color_config_t
 Request/reply: Set tracking color.
typedef player_blobfinder_imager_config player_blobfinder_imager_config_t
 Configuration request: Set imager params.

Typedef Documentation

Request/reply: Set tracking color.

For some sensors (ie CMUcam), simple blob tracking tracks only one color. To set the tracking color, send a PLAYER_BLOBFINDER_REQ_SET_COLOR request with the format below, including the RGB color ranges (max and min). Values of -1 will cause the track color to be automatically set to the current window color. This is useful for setting the track color by holding the tracking object in front of the lens. Null response.

Data: detected blobs (PLAYER_BLOBFINDER_DATA_BLOBS).

The list of detected blobs, returned as data by blobfinder devices.

Configuration request: Set imager params.

Imaging sensors that do blob tracking generally have some sorts of image quality parameters that you can tweak. The following ones are implemented here:

  • brightness (0-255)
  • contrast (0-255)
  • auto gain (0=off, 1=on)
  • color mode (0=RGB/AutoWhiteBalance Off, 1=RGB/AutoWhiteBalance On, 2=YCrCB/AWB Off, 3=YCrCb/AWB On) To set the params, send a PLAYER_BLOBFINDER_REQ_SET_IMAGER_PARAMS request with the format below. Any values set to -1 will be left unchanged. Null response.

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