[Interface specifications]

Detailed Description

Pan-tilt-zoom unit.

The ptz interface is used to control a pan-tilt-zoom unit, such as a camera.

 Maximum command length for use with PLAYER_PTZ_REQ_GENERIC request; based on the Sony EVID30 camera right now.
 Control mode, for use with PLAYER_PTZ_REQ_CONTROL_MODE.
 Control mode, for use with PLAYER_PTZ_REQ_CONTROL_MODE.
 Request/reply subtype: generic.
 Request/reply subtype: control mode.
 Request/reply subtype: autoservo.
 Request/reply subtype: geometry.
 Data subtype: state.
 Data subtype: geometry.
 Command subtype: state.
typedef player_ptz_data player_ptz_data_t
typedef player_ptz_cmd player_ptz_cmd_t
 Command: state (PLAYER_PTZ_CMD_STATE).
typedef player_ptz_geom player_ptz_geom_t
 Request/reply: Query geometry.
typedef player_ptz_req_generic player_ptz_req_generic_t
 Request/reply: Generic request.
typedef player_ptz_req_control_mode player_ptz_req_control_mode_t
 Request/reply: Control mode.

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct player_ptz_cmd player_ptz_cmd_t

Command: state (PLAYER_PTZ_CMD_STATE).

The ptz interface accepts commands that set change the state of the unit. Note that the commands are absolute, not relative.

typedef struct player_ptz_data player_ptz_data_t


The ptz interface returns data reflecting the current state of the Pan-Tilt-Zoom unit.

typedef struct player_ptz_geom player_ptz_geom_t

Request/reply: Query geometry.

To request ptz geometry, send a null PLAYER_PTZ_REQ_GEOM request.

typedef struct player_ptz_req_control_mode player_ptz_req_control_mode_t

Request/reply: Control mode.

To switch between position and velocity control (for those drivers that support it), send a PLAYER_PTZ_REQ_CONTROL_MODE request. Note that this request changes how the driver interprets forthcoming commands from all clients. Null response.

typedef struct player_ptz_req_generic player_ptz_req_generic_t

Request/reply: Generic request.

To send a unit-specific command to the unit, use the PLAYER_PTZ_REQ_GENERIC request. Whether data is returned depends on the command that was sent. The device may fill in "config" with a reply if applicable.

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