[Interface specifications]

Detailed Description

An actuated gripper.

The gripper interface provides access to a robotic gripper.

This interface is VERY Pioneer-specific, and should really be generalized.

 Data subtype: state.
 Command subtype: state.
 Request/reply subtype: get geometry.
#define GRIPopen   1
 Command codes.
#define GRIPclose   2
 Command codes.
#define GRIPstop   3
 Command codes.
#define LIFTup   4
 Command codes.
#define LIFTdown   5
 Command codes.
#define LIFTstop   6
 Command codes.
#define GRIPstore   7
 Command codes.
#define GRIPdeploy   8
 Command codes.
#define GRIPhalt   15
 Command codes.
#define GRIPpress   16
 Command codes.
#define LIFTcarry   17
 Command codes.
typedef player_gripper_data player_gripper_data_t
typedef player_gripper_cmd player_gripper_cmd_t
typedef player_gripper_geom player_gripper_geom_t
 Request/reply: get geometry.

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct player_gripper_cmd player_gripper_cmd_t


The gripper interface accepts 2-byte commands, the format of which is given below. These two bytes are sent directly to the gripper; refer to Table 3-3 page 10 in the Pioneer 2 Gripper Manual for a list of commands. The first byte is the command. The second is the argument for the LIFTcarry and GRIPpress commands, but for all others it is ignored.

typedef struct player_gripper_data player_gripper_data_t


The gripper interface returns 2 bytes that represent the current state of the gripper; the format is given below. Note that the exact interpretation of this data may vary depending on the details of your gripper and how it is connected to your robot (e.g., General I/O vs. User I/O for the Pioneer gripper).

The following list defines how the data can be interpreted for some Pioneer robots and Stage:

  • state (unsigned byte)
    • bit 0: Paddles open
    • bit 1: Paddles closed
    • bit 2: Paddles moving
    • bit 3: Paddles error
    • bit 4: Lift is up
    • bit 5: Lift is down
    • bit 6: Lift is moving
    • bit 7: Lift error
  • beams (unsigned byte)
    • bit 0: Gripper limit reached
    • bit 1: Lift limit reached
    • bit 2: Outer beam obstructed
    • bit 3: Inner beam obstructed
    • bit 4: Left paddle open
    • bit 5: Right paddle open

typedef struct player_gripper_geom player_gripper_geom_t

Request/reply: get geometry.

The geometry (pose and size) of the gripper device can be queried by sending a null PLAYER_GRIPPER_REQ_GET_GEOM request.

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