[Interface specifications]

Detailed Description

Audible tone emission / detection (deprecated).

Use the audiodsp interface instead
The audio interface is used to control sound hardware, if equipped.

 Data buffer size.
#define PLAYER_AUDIO_COMMAND_BUFFER_SIZE   (3*sizeof(short))
 Command buffer size.
 Number of frequency / amplitude pairs to report.
typedef player_audio_data player_audio_data_t
 Data: tones detected.
typedef player_audio_cmd player_audio_cmd_t
 Command: tone to emit.

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct player_audio_cmd player_audio_cmd_t

Command: tone to emit.

The audio interface accepts commands to produce fixed-frequency tones through /dev/dsp (which is assumed to be associated with a sound card to which a speaker is attached).

typedef struct player_audio_data player_audio_data_t

Data: tones detected.

The audio interface reads the audio stream from /dev/audio (which is assumed to be associated with a sound card connected to a microphone) and performs some analysis on it. PLAYER_AUDIO_PAIRS number of frequency/amplitude pairs are then returned as data.

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