PlayerCc::BumperProxy Class Reference

#include <playerc++.h>

Inherits PlayerCc::ClientProxy.

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Detailed Description

The BumperProxy class is used to read from a bumper device.

Public Member Functions

 BumperProxy (PlayerClient *aPc, uint aIndex=0)
uint GetCount () const
uint IsBumped (uint aIndex) const
 Returns true if the specified bumper has been bumped, false otherwise.
bool IsAnyBumped ()
 Returns true if any bumper has been bumped, false otherwise.
void RequestBumperConfig ()
 Requests the geometries of the bumpers.
uint GetPoseCount () const
 Returns the number bumper poses.
player_bumper_define_t GetPose (uint aIndex) const
 Returns a specific bumper pose.
bool operator[] (uint aIndex) const
 BumperProxy data access operator.

Member Function Documentation

bool PlayerCc::BumperProxy::operator[] uint  aIndex  )  const [inline]

BumperProxy data access operator.

This operator provides an alternate way of access the actuator data. For example, given a BumperProxy named bp, the following expressions are equivalent: bp.IsBumped[0] and bp[0].

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