playerc_localize_t Struct Reference

#include <playerc.h>

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Detailed Description

Localization device data.

Public Attributes

playerc_device_t info
 Device info; must be at the start of all device structures.
int map_size_x
 Map dimensions (cells).
int map_size_y
double map_scale
 Map scale (m/cell).
int map_tile_x
 Next map tile to read.
int map_tile_y
int8_t * map_cells
 Map data (empty = -1, unknown = 0, occupied = +1).
int pending_count
 The number of pending (unprocessed) sensor readings.
double pending_time
 The timestamp on the last reading processed.
int hypoth_count
 List of possible poses.
player_localize_hypoth_t hypoths [PLAYER_LOCALIZE_MAX_HYPOTHS]
double mean [3]
double variance
int num_particles
playerc_localize_particle_t particles [PLAYER_LOCALIZE_PARTICLES_MAX]

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