[Device proxies]

Detailed Description

The localize proxy provides an interface to localization drivers.

Generally speaking, these are abstract drivers that attempt to localize the robot by matching sensor observations (odometry, laser and/or sonar) against a prior map of the environment (such as an occupancy grid). Since the pose may be ambiguous, multiple hypotheses may returned; each hypothesis specifies one possible pose estimate for the robot. See the Player manual for details of the localize interface, and and drivers that support it (such as the amcl driver).


struct  playerc_localize_particle
 Hypothesis data. More...
struct  playerc_localize_t
 Localization device data. More...


typedef playerc_localize_particle playerc_localize_particle_t
 Hypothesis data.


playerc_localize_tplayerc_localize_create (playerc_client_t *client, int index)
 Create a localize proxy.
void playerc_localize_destroy (playerc_localize_t *device)
 Destroy a localize proxy.
int playerc_localize_subscribe (playerc_localize_t *device, int access)
 Subscribe to the localize device.
int playerc_localize_unsubscribe (playerc_localize_t *device)
 Un-subscribe from the localize device.
int playerc_localize_set_pose (playerc_localize_t *device, double pose[3], double cov[3])
 Set the the robot pose (mean and covariance).
int playerc_localize_get_particles (playerc_localize_t *device)
 Request the particle set.

Function Documentation

int playerc_localize_get_particles playerc_localize_t device  ) 

Request the particle set.

Caller must supply sufficient storage for the result.

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