[Interface specifications]

Detailed Description

A 1-D linear actuator.

The position1d interface is used to control linear actuators

 Request/reply subtype: get geometry.
 Request/reply subtype: motor power.
 Request/reply subtype: velocity mode.
 Request/reply subtype: position mode.
 Request/reply subtype: set odometry.
 Request/reply subtype: reset odometry.
 Request/reply subtype: set speed PID params.
 Request/reply subtype: set position PID params.
 Request/reply subtype: set speed profile params.
 Data subtype: state.
 Data subtype: geometry.
 Command subtype: velocity command.
 Command subtype: position command.
 Status byte: limit min.
 Status byte: limit center.
 Status byte: limit max.
 Status byte: limit over current.
 Status byte: limit trajectory complete.
 Status byte: enabled.
typedef player_position1d_data player_position1d_data_t
typedef player_position1d_cmd_vel player_position1d_cmd_vel_t
 Command: state (PLAYER_POSITION1D_CMD_VEL).
typedef player_position1d_cmd_pos player_position1d_cmd_pos_t
 Command: state (PLAYER_POSITION1D_CMD_POS).
typedef player_position1d_geom player_position1d_geom_t
 Request/reply: Query geometry.
typedef player_position1d_power_config player_position1d_power_config_t
 Request/reply: Motor power.
typedef player_position1d_velocity_mode_config player_position1d_velocity_mode_config_t
 Request/reply: Change velocity control.
typedef player_position1d_reset_odom_config player_position1d_reset_odom_config_t
 Request/reply: Reset odometry.
typedef player_position1d_position_mode player_position1d_position_mode_req_t
 Request/reply: Change control mode.
typedef player_position1d_set_odom player_position1d_set_odom_req_t
 Request/reply: Set odometry.
typedef player_position1d_speed_pid player_position1d_speed_pid_req_t
 Request/reply: Set velocity PID parameters.
typedef player_position1d_position_pid player_position1d_position_pid_req_t
 Request/reply: Set position PID parameters.
typedef player_position1d_speed_prof player_position1d_speed_prof_req_t
 Request/reply: Set linear speed profile parameters.

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct player_position1d_cmd_pos player_position1d_cmd_pos_t


The position1d interface accepts new positions for the robot's motors (drivers may support position control, speed control, or both).

typedef struct player_position1d_cmd_vel player_position1d_cmd_vel_t


The position1d interface accepts new velocities for the robot's motors (drivers may support position control, speed control, or both).

typedef struct player_position1d_data player_position1d_data_t


The position interface returns data regarding the odometric pose and velocity of the robot, as well as motor stall information.

typedef struct player_position1d_geom player_position1d_geom_t

Request/reply: Query geometry.

To request robot geometry, send a null PLAYER_POSITION1D_REQ_GET_GEOM.

typedef struct player_position1d_position_mode player_position1d_position_mode_req_t

Request/reply: Change control mode.

To change the control mode, send a PLAYER_POSITION1D_REQ_POSITION_MODE reqeust. Null response.

typedef struct player_position1d_position_pid player_position1d_position_pid_req_t

Request/reply: Set position PID parameters.

To set position PID parameters, send a PLAYER_POSITION1D_REQ_POSITION_PID request. Null response.

typedef struct player_position1d_power_config player_position1d_power_config_t

Request/reply: Motor power.

On some robots, the motor power can be turned on and off from software. To do so, send a PLAYER_POSITION1D_REQ_MOTOR_POWER request with the format given below, and with the appropriate state (zero for motors off and non-zero for motors on). Null response.

Be VERY careful with this command! You are very likely to start the robot running across the room at high speed with the battery charger still attached.

typedef struct player_position1d_reset_odom_config player_position1d_reset_odom_config_t

Request/reply: Reset odometry.

To reset the robot's odometry to x = 0, send a PLAYER_POSITION1D_REQ_RESET_ODOM request. Null response.

typedef struct player_position1d_set_odom player_position1d_set_odom_req_t

Request/reply: Set odometry.

To set the robot's odometry to a particular state, send a PLAYER_POSITION1D_REQ_SET_ODOM request. Null response.

typedef struct player_position1d_speed_pid player_position1d_speed_pid_req_t

Request/reply: Set velocity PID parameters.

To set velocity PID parameters, send a PLAYER_POSITION1D_REQ_SPEED_PID request. Null response.

typedef struct player_position1d_speed_prof player_position1d_speed_prof_req_t

Request/reply: Set linear speed profile parameters.

To set linear speed profile parameters, send a PLAYER_POSITION1D_REQ_SPEED_PROF requst. Null response.

typedef struct player_position1d_velocity_mode_config player_position1d_velocity_mode_config_t

Request/reply: Change velocity control.

Some robots offer different velocity control modes. It can be changed by sending a PLAYER_POSITION1D_REQ_VELOCITY_MODE request with the format given below, including the appropriate mode. No matter which mode is used, the external client interface to the position1d device remains the same. Null response.

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