Constants and utility functions

Detailed Description

Helper functions when using the library.


double PlayerCc::rtod (double r)
 Convert radians to degrees.
double PlayerCc::dtor (double r)
 Convert degrees to radians.
double PlayerCc::normalize (double z)
 Normalize angle to domain -pi, pi.
template<typename T>
PlayerCc::min (T a, T b)
 Return the minimum of a, b.
template<typename T>
PlayerCc::max (T a, T b)
 Return the maximum of a, b.
template<typename T>
PlayerCc::limit (T a, T min, T max)
 Limit a value to the range of min, max.


const int PlayerCc::PLAYER_PORTNUM = 6665
 The default port number for PlayerClient.
const std::string PlayerCc::PLAYER_HOSTNAME = "localhost"
 The default hostname for PlayerClient.

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