PlayerCc::GripperProxy Class Reference

#include <playerc++.h>

Inherits PlayerCc::ClientProxy.

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Detailed Description

The GripperProxy class is used to control a gripper device.

The latest gripper data held in a handful of class attributes. A single method provides user control.

Public Member Functions

 GripperProxy (PlayerClient *aPc, uint aIndex=0)
 ~GripperProxy ()
uint GetState () const
uint GetBeams () const
uint GetOuterBreakBeam () const
uint GetInnerBreakBeam () const
uint GetPaddlesOpen () const
uint GetPaddlesClosed () const
uint GetPaddlesMoving () const
uint GetGripperError () const
uint GetLiftUp () const
uint GetLiftDown () const
uint GetLiftMoving () const
uint GetLiftError () const
void SetGrip (uint8_t aCmd, uint8_t aArg=0)
 Send a gripper command.

Member Function Documentation

void PlayerCc::GripperProxy::SetGrip uint8_t  aCmd,
uint8_t  aArg = 0

Send a gripper command.

Look in the Player user manual for details on the command and argument.

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