PlayerCc::FiducialProxy Class Reference

#include <playerc++.h>

Inherits PlayerCc::ClientProxy.

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Detailed Description

The FiducialProxy class is used to control fiducial devices.

The latest set of detected beacons is stored in the beacons array.

Public Member Functions

 FiducialProxy (PlayerClient *aPc, uint aIndex=0)
 ~FiducialProxy ()
uint GetCount () const
 The number of beacons detected.
player_fiducial_item_t GetFiducialItem (uint aIndex) const
 Get detected beacon description.
player_pose_t GetSensorPose () const
 The pose of the sensor.
player_bbox_t GetSensorSize () const
 The size of the sensor.
player_bbox_t GetFiducialSize () const
 The size of the most recently detected fiducial.
void RequestGeometry ()
 Get the sensor's geometry configuration.
player_fiducial_item_t operator[] (uint aIndex) const
 FiducialProxy data access operator.

Member Function Documentation

player_fiducial_item_t PlayerCc::FiducialProxy::operator[] uint  aIndex  )  const [inline]

FiducialProxy data access operator.

This operator provides an alternate way of access the actuator data. For example, given a FiducialProxy named fp, the following expressions are equivalent: fp.GetFiducialItem[0] and fp[0].

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