playerc_map_t Struct Reference

#include <playerc.h>

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Detailed Description

Map proxy data.

Definition at line 2275 of file playerc.h.

Public Attributes

playerc_device_t info
 Device info; must be at the start of all device structures.
double resolution
 Map resolution, m/cell.
int width
 Map size, in cells.
int height
double origin [2]
 Map origin, in meters (i.e., the real-world coordinates of cell 0,0).
char * cells
 Occupancy for each cell (empty = -1, unknown = 0, occupied = +1).
double vminx
 Vector-based version of the map (call playerc_map_get_vector() to fill this in).
double vminy
double vmaxx
double vmaxy
int num_segments

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