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Detailed Description

The position2d proxy provides an interface to a mobile robot base, such as the ActiveMedia Pioneer series.

The proxy supports both differential drive robots (which are capable of forward motion and rotation) and omni-drive robots (which are capable of forward, sideways and rotational motion).


struct  playerc_position2d_t
 Position2d device data. More...


playerc_position2d_tplayerc_position2d_create (playerc_client_t *client, int index)
 Create a position2d device proxy.
void playerc_position2d_destroy (playerc_position2d_t *device)
 Destroy a position2d device proxy.
int playerc_position2d_subscribe (playerc_position2d_t *device, int access)
 Subscribe to the position2d device.
int playerc_position2d_unsubscribe (playerc_position2d_t *device)
 Un-subscribe from the position2d device.
int playerc_position2d_enable (playerc_position2d_t *device, int enable)
 Enable/disable the motors.
int playerc_position2d_get_geom (playerc_position2d_t *device)
 Get the position2d geometry.
int playerc_position2d_set_cmd_vel (playerc_position2d_t *device, double vx, double vy, double va, int state)
 Set the target speed.
int playerc_position2d_set_cmd_pose_with_vel (playerc_position2d_t *device, player_pose2d_t pos, player_pose2d_t vel, int state)
 Set the target pose with given motion vel.
int playerc_position2d_set_cmd_pose (playerc_position2d_t *device, double gx, double gy, double ga, int state)
 Set the target pose (gx, gy, ga) is the target pose in the odometric coordinate system.
int playerc_position2d_set_cmd_car (playerc_position2d_t *device, double vx, double a)
 Set the target cmd for car like position.
int playerc_position2d_set_odom (playerc_position2d_t *device, double ox, double oy, double oa)
 Set the odometry offset.

Function Documentation

int playerc_position2d_get_geom ( playerc_position2d_t device  ) 

Get the position2d geometry.

The writes the result into the proxy rather than returning it to the caller.

int playerc_position2d_set_cmd_vel ( playerc_position2d_t device,
double  vx,
double  vy,
double  va,
int  state 

Set the target speed.

vx : forward speed (m/s). vy : sideways speed (m/s); this field is used by omni-drive robots only. va : rotational speed (rad/s). All speeds are defined in the robot coordinate system.

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