playerc_power_t Struct Reference

#include <playerc.h>

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Detailed Description

Power device data.

Public Attributes

playerc_device_t info
 Device info; must be at the start of all device structures.
int valid
 status bits.
double charge
 Battery charge (Volts).
double percent
 Battery charge (percent full).
double joules
 energy stored (Joules)
double watts
 power currently being used (Watts).
int charging
 charging flag.

Member Data Documentation

int playerc_power_t::charging

charging flag.

TRUE if charging, else FALSE

int playerc_power_t::valid

status bits.

Bitwise-and with PLAYER_POWER_MASK_ values to see which fields are being set by the driver.

double playerc_power_t::watts

power currently being used (Watts).

Negative numbers indicate charging.

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