playerc_camera_t Struct Reference

#include <playerc.h>

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Detailed Description

Camera proxy data.

Public Attributes

playerc_device_t info
 Device info; must be at the start of all device structures.
int width
 Image dimensions (pixels).
int height
int bpp
 Image bits-per-pixel (8, 16, 24).
int format
 Image format (e.g., RGB888).
int fdiv
 Some images (such as disparity maps) use scaled pixel values; for these images, fdiv specifies the scale divisor (i.e., divide the integer pixel value by fdiv to recover the real pixel value).
int compression
 Image compression method.
int image_count
 Size of image data (bytes).
 Image data (byte aligned, row major order).

Member Data Documentation

uint8_t playerc_camera_t::image[PLAYER_CAMERA_IMAGE_SIZE]

Image data (byte aligned, row major order).

Multi-byte image formats (such as MONO16) are automatically converted to the correct host byte ordering.

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