[Interface specifications]

Detailed Description

RFID reader.

The RFID interface provides access to a RFID reader (driver implementations include RFID readers such as Skyetek M1 and Inside M300).

 The maximum nr of tags that can be detected in the RF field in total.
 The maximum number of digits one RFID tag can have.
#define PLAYER_RFID_DATA   1
 Data subtype.
 Request/reply: put the reader in sleep mode (0) or wake it up (1).
 Request/reply: read data from the RFID tag - to be implemented.
 Request/reply: write data to the RFID tag - to be implemented.
 Request/reply: lock data blocks of a RFID tag - to be implemented.
typedef player_rfid_tag player_rfid_tag_t
 Structure describing a single RFID tag.
typedef player_rfid_data player_rfid_data_t
typedef player_rfid_cmd player_rfid_cmd_t

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct player_rfid_cmd player_rfid_cmd_t


Just a placeholder for now; data will be added in future.

typedef struct player_rfid_data player_rfid_data_t


The RFID data packet.

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