[Interface specifications]

Detailed Description

A planar path-planner.

The planner interface provides control of a 2-D motion planner.

 maximum number of waypoints in a single plan
 Data subtype: state.
 Command subtype: state.
 Request subtype: get waypoints.
 Request subtype: enable / disable planner.
typedef player_planner_data player_planner_data_t
typedef player_planner_cmd player_planner_cmd_t
 Command: state (PLAYER_PLANNER_CMD_GOAL).
typedef player_planner_waypoints_req player_planner_waypoints_req_t
 Request/reply: Get waypoints.
typedef player_planner_enable_req player_planner_enable_req_t
 Request/reply: Enable/disable robot motion.

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct player_planner_cmd player_planner_cmd_t


The planner interface accepts a new goal.

typedef struct player_planner_data player_planner_data_t


The planner interface reports the current execution state of the planner.

typedef struct player_planner_enable_req player_planner_enable_req_t

Request/reply: Enable/disable robot motion.

To enable or disable the planner, send a PLAYER_PLANNER_REQ_ENABLE request. When disabled, the planner will stop the robot. When enabled, the planner should resume plan execution. Null response.

typedef struct player_planner_waypoints_req player_planner_waypoints_req_t

Request/reply: Get waypoints.

To retrieve the list of waypoints, send a null PLAYER_PLANNER_REQ_GET_WAYPOINTS request.

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