[Interface specifications]

Detailed Description

Two-dimensional graphics interface.

The graphics2d interface provides an interface to graphics devices. Drivers can implement this interface to provide clients and other drivers with graphics output. For example, Stage models present this interface to allow clients to draw in the Stage window.

 The maximum number of points that can be described in a packet.
 Command subtype: clear the drawing area (send an empty message).
 Command subtype: draw points.
 Command subtype: draw a polyline.
 Command subtype: draw a polygon.
typedef player_graphics2d_cmd_points player_graphics2d_cmd_points_t
 Command: Draw points (PLAYER_GRAPHICS2D_CMD_POINTS) Draw some points.
typedef player_graphics2d_cmd_polyline player_graphics2d_cmd_polyline_t
 Command: Draw polyline (PLAYER_GRAPHICS2D_CMD_POLYLINE) Draw a series of straight line segments between a set of points.
typedef player_graphics2d_cmd_polygon player_graphics2d_cmd_polygon_t
 Command: Draw polygon (PLAYER_GRAPHICS2D_CMD_POLYGON) Draw a polygon.

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