[Interface specifications]

Detailed Description

Sound level control.

The audiomixer interface is used to control sound levels.

 Command subtype: set master level.
 Command subtype: set PCM level.
 Command subtype: set line in level.
 Command subtype: set microphone level.
 Command subtype: set input gain level.
 Command subtype: set output gain level.
 Request/reply subtype: get levels.
typedef player_audiomixer_cmd player_audiomixer_cmd_t
 Command: set level.
typedef player_audiomixer_config player_audiomixer_config_t
 Request/reply: Get levels.

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct player_audiomixer_cmd player_audiomixer_cmd_t

Command: set level.

The audiomixer interface accepts commands to set the left and right volume levels of various channels. The channel is determined by the subtype of the command: PLAYER_AUDIOMIXER_SET_MASTER for the master volume, PLAYER_AUDIOMIXER_SET_PCM for the PCM volume, PLAYER_AUDIOMIXER_SET_LINE for the line in volume, PLAYER_AUDIOMIXER_SET_MIC for the microphone volume, PLAYER_AUDIOMIXER_SET_IGAIN for the input gain, and PLAYER_AUDIOMIXER_SET_OGAIN for the output gain.

typedef struct player_audiomixer_config player_audiomixer_config_t

Request/reply: Get levels.

Send a null PLAYER_AUDIOMIXER_GET_LEVELS request to receive the current state of the mixer levels.

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