passthrough (deprecated)

This driver is probably no longer needed, since a driver can now require a remote driver directly in the configuration file.
The passthrough driver acts as a client to another Player server; it returns data generated by the remote server to client programs, and send commands from the client programs to the remote server. In this way, one Player server can pretend to have devices that are actually located at some other location in the network (i.e., owned by some other Player server). Thus, the passthrough driver makes possible three important capabilities:

Compile-time dependencies



Configuration requests

Configuration file options
The passthrough driver needs the full address of the remote device which is a tuple host:port:interface:index. The interface is determined with the normal "provides" syntax. Specify the remaining parts in the configuration file:

Example: Controlling multiple robots through a single connection
The passthrough driver can be used to aggregate devices from multiple robots into a single server. The following example illustrates the general method for doing this.

Example: Shifting computation
Computationally expensive drivers (such as amcl) can be shifted off the robot and onto a workstation. The basic method is a straight-forward variant of the example given above.

Example: Using the amcl driver with Stage 1.3.x
Some newer drivers, such as the amcl and vfh driver, are not supported natively in Stage. For these drivers users must employ a second Player server configured to use the passthrough driver. The basic procedure is as follows.

Brian Gerkey, Andrew Howard

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