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#include <message.h>

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Detailed Description

Reference-counted message objects.

All Player messages are transferred between drivers as pointers to Message objects. These objects are reference-counted so that messages can be delivered to multiple recipients with minimal memory overhead.

Messages are not usually manipulated directly in driver code. The details of allocating, filling, parsing, and deleting Message objects are handled by the Driver and MessageQueue classes.

The only method of interest to driver authors is the helper MatchMessage(), which can be used in a Driver::ProcessMessage method to determine if a message header matches a given signature.

Public Member Functions

 Message (const struct player_msghdr &Header, const void *data, unsigned int data_size, MessageQueue *_queue=NULL)
 Create a new message.
 Message (const Message &rhs)
 Copy pointers from existing message and increment refcount.
 ~Message ()
 Destroy message, dec ref counts and delete data if ref count == 0.
void * GetData ()
 GetData from message.
player_msghdr_tGetHeader ()
 Get pointer to header.
void * GetPayload ()
 Get pointer to payload.
size_t GetPayloadSize ()
 Get Payload size.
unsigned int GetSize ()
 Size of message data.
bool Compare (Message &other)
 Compare type, subtype, device, and device_index.
void DecRef ()
 Decrement ref count.
void SetReady ()
 Set ready to send.
bool Ready (void) const
 Check if ready to send.

Static Public Member Functions

static bool MatchMessage (player_msghdr_t *hdr, int type, int subtype, player_devaddr_t addr)
 Helper for message processing.

Public Attributes

 queue to which any response to this message should be directed
unsigned int * RefCount
 Reference count.

Member Function Documentation

static bool Message::MatchMessage player_msghdr_t hdr,
int  type,
int  subtype,
player_devaddr_t  addr
[inline, static]

Helper for message processing.

Returns true if hdr matches the supplied type, subtype, and addr. Set type and/or subtype to -1 for don't care.

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