Laser range scanner
[libstage - Stage library API]

Detailed Description

Implements the laser model: emulates a scanning laser rangefinder


Laser Properties

Data Structures

struct  stg_laser_sample_t
struct  stg_laser_config_t


void stg_print_laser_config (stg_laser_config_t *slc)
stg_model_tstg_laser_create (stg_world_t *world, stg_model_t *parent, stg_id_t id, char *token)
size_t stg_model_get_data_laser (stg_model_t *mod, stg_laser_sample_t *data, size_t max_samples)

Function Documentation

void stg_print_laser_config stg_laser_config_t slc  ) 

print human-readable version of the laser config struct

stg_model_t* stg_laser_create stg_world_t world,
stg_model_t parent,
stg_id_t  id,
char *  token

Create a new laser model

size_t stg_model_get_data_laser stg_model_t mod,
stg_laser_sample_t data,
size_t  max_samples

wrap the generic get_data call to be laser-specific. sizes are in terms of samples instead of bytes

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