Blobfinder model

The blobfinder model simulates a color-blob-finding vision device, like a CMUCAM2, or the ACTS image processing software. It can track areas of color in a simulated 2D image, giving the location and size of the color 'blobs'. Multiple colors can be tracked at once; they are separated into channels, so that e.g. all red objects are tracked as channel one, blue objects in channel two, etc. The color associated with each channel is configurable.

Worldfile properties

Summary and default values
  # blobfinder properties
  channel_count 6
  channels ["red" "green" "blue" "cyan" "yellow" "magenta" ]
  range_max 8.0
  ptz[0 0 60.0]
  image[80 60]

  # model properties
  size [0.01 0.01]

  • channel_count int
    • number of channels; i.e. the number of discrete colors detected
  • channels [ string ... ]
    • define the colors detected in each channel, using color names from the X11 database (usually /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/rgb.txt). The number of strings should match channel_count.
  • image [int int]
    • [width height]
    • dimensions of the image in pixels. This determines the blobfinder's resolution
  • ptz [float float float]
    • [pan_angle tilt_angle zoom_angle]
    • control the panning, tilt and zoom angle (fov) of the blobfinder. Tilt angle currently has no effect.
  • range_max float
    • maximum range of the sensor in meters.

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